Cacharel (1987)

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Reviews of LouLou by Cacharel

There are 61 reviews of LouLou by Cacharel.

I've been interested in this scent for a while - because of its quirky 70s style plastic bottle that reminds me of some furniture in my grandparents' house, and therefore my childhood. And this scent is just a little bit older than me - we're pretty much peers.

So I was super glad when I was gifted an old mini (with a blue diamond shaped bottle and pointy red hat, it looks both like child's toy and a psychedelic creation at the same time) and started digging into it.

What surprised me is that although I kept wearing it, I couldn't really grasp it - and after a few months I cannot really do it yet - but I wanted to write out my impressions nevertheless.

It's a punch to my nose at the start, very big, very oldschool, very heavy. It kind of scares me at first. Starts off slightly dusty, then the sweetness begins to creep in, and so it sweetens gradually. It's never a truly sweet scent, more like slightly sweetened and slightly dusty woods. And in the end, when it's softened and mellowed, when the dust settles, it's sweetly woody, then and only then I really enjoy it. In this stage it sheds off the oldschool vibe and smells neither "young" nor "old" - just timeless.
Jun 21, 2021

Jasmine, iris, mimosa, tiare, sweet vanilla. I get it all and I love it. It also has a nice vintage feel. So good.
May 22, 2018

A perfume in the same line as Anaïs Anaïs - looks innocent but not. Very sweet to the point of causing diabetes - but not tacky. Praline reigns supreme. This is a perfume for young women, unlike the former, that was supposed to be a "teenager perfume" but is suitable for women of all ages.
Apr 5, 2018

I've ignored this perfume since its creation. Was always attracted to its pretty, blue bottle. I passed on it because of its name. Never really liked its name, LouLou. One day I found a bottle for a decent price. Decided to give it a try. One sniff - I was hooked.

She is a monster. Slapped me right in the face with no apologies. A floriental opium den of liquid sin. A hand grenade filled with jasmine and incense. It screams, "I'm here!" and you'd better listen.

Not for timid ladies.
Feb 11, 2018

Dr. Pepper and Cherry Vanilla Soda had a baby. She's at once fizzy, loud and demanding, scaring a lot of babysitters off. But the lucky girl who sticks around for a while soon finds that with a soft hand and a little patience, LouLou not only settles down ... she transforms ... into luscious, fluffy clouds of cherry vanilla goodness. Delicious.
Sep 9, 2017

LouLou is a lot of fun - very sweet, with loads of oriental spice and something fruity, and tonnes of vanilla. It has a sense of something like a berry flavoured spicy sweet - maybe some sort of nougat or even tea.

It's not really me but I'm happy for it to be me for a day or two! There's nothing not to love about it - and this is wearing it on a very hot and sweaty day - it has a lightness and joie de vivre that stops it being overpowering even in these conditions!
Jul 20, 2017

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