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L'Oudh by Tauer

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L'Oudh is a shared scent launched in 2017 by Tauer

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Reviews of L'Oudh by Tauer

There are 7 reviews of L'Oudh by Tauer.

A rather haunting oud.

I agree with notspendingamillion - the oud itself here definitely smells like the sweet, raw rubber odor of a tire store. But just as important is a surrounding mix of forest smells. Sweet pine is upfront, with green resins and flashes of hamster cage cedar. It all feels like the natural smell of a forest floor.

I think it's the sweetness that separates this from other western oud perfumes. So many seem to focus on a flash of faux oud and then settle into saffron and charred woods, while L'Oudh goes sweet and natural instead, with the smoke and saffron conspicuously missing.

As such, this is a standout in a crowded field. Definitely a thumbs up!

Absolutely mesmerizing, I love this! An immense, rich, dark, dense, leathery perfume with outstanding tenacity and projection. Along side the oudh I can detect gorgeous rooty vetiver, patchouli and tobacco, with a gentle oily-resiny lift overarching the whole. Not harsh or sharp or scratchy in any way, smooth, beautifully blended and incredibly evocative. The scent transports me to an old tack room, its dusty wooden floor scuffed shiny by decades of boot soles, surrounded by the smell of well-worn leather that has been cleaned and oiled to perfection.

Despite trying oud/oudh in high quality perfumes, I DO NOT LIKE OUD, it smells "uber-skanky" to me. I brings a "disgust" response, nose wrinkles,frowning, I pull back before I even process it. Almost as if it were a poison-- my brain issues a warning for, like chicken gone bad, burnt eggs, curled milk. Given Tauer's other scents I am sure this is well done, but it's my last attempt to "understand" a popular note.

Smells like a tire store. Very strong. Pounds the scenses. Interesting, different. A good sampling, fun to attempt to dissect. Not gonna buy a bottle, but thumbs up regardless.

Witches' Sabbath (The Great He-Goat)by Francisco Goya 1821 1823

If you are a true Oud lover, this may be for you. I'm not, so this was a pass for me.I gave this a neutral because I didn't want be bias against it because I wasn't a big oud fan. Slightly dirty oud that has above average projection and longevity. If it was more floral, I may have liked this one more.

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