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Tommy Hilfiger Loud for Him opens with a burst of sweetness that quickly (within a few seconds) changes into a rose/citrus pairing, and within minutes after that, dries down into a rose mixed with dried fruits. I know that patchouli is emphasized in the notes breakdown, and especially in the production (YouTube the first part of a BBC Perfume documentary), but I definitely don't get much patchouli at either the opening or in the drydown.

Projection is only noteworthy in the opening minutes and longevity is weak, as this becomes a skin scent within an hour of applying. Luckily, it's cheap ($10ish for 50ml on FragranceNet) so it can be reapplied without regard for quantity, but it's on the weaker end of even relatively cheap designer EDTs.

If you like the rose/citrus opening and enjoy the dried fruit accord in the dry down, this might work for you. While I usually abhor the dried fruit dry down, I'm receptive to it enough here that I'll keep the small bottle I blind bought, but this certainly isn't a designer standout.

6 out of 10
31st December 2015
Like a modern version of Givenchy Gentleman, which I love - this is more rosy and has a more leafy, less woody base - both have a hefty hit of Patchouli, though this doesn't make you feel like you've stepped into a time warp.

15th October 2015

Let me start off by saying, I enjoy Hilfiger fragrances. They are as designer as can be, yet they take risks, and in most cases end up with a unique but safe fragrance. At least in the past they have, with stuff like the original Tommy, and True Star, but some of this newer stuff has been pretty bad. Loud came out in 2010, right around the time they start transitioning over into just boring mediocre fragrances. Loud is a very boring fragrance, very safe.

Amongst the opening, I get this fruity, jammy rose note, which is pretty nice, very fruity, but goes away quickly unfortunately. It fades into mostly patchouli -- the patchouli note is very wearable though, it isn't heavy, but it is the dominating note. There's still some rose here, but it's more of a naturally sweet rose, and since there is so much patchouli, it's pretty hard to detect the rose. As it dries down, this dirty dry tobacco note emerges and mixes in. I also detect a little vanilla in there in the base. Fragrantica lists only 3 notes, rose, patchouli, and tobacco, and I agree, those are the main notes here. The smell is familiar, it's not anything new. It lasts about 4-5 hours on me, with minimal projection, but good sillage. The sillage I know is good because I got a compliment when walking by somebody, but I know I cannot smell it radiating off my skin, only when I stick my nose into it up close.

10 bucks for a bottle is a fair price. Anything more than that isn't worth it, so don't bother.
13th December 2014
Genre: Woods

First “Bang,” now “Loud.” Do these names signal a trend in male perfumery? Apparently not, as Loud has little in common with the brash but one-dimensional peppercorn and woody amber of Bang. Instead, Loud is an utterly nondescript fresh citrusy-aquatic sports fragrance, interchangeable (except for packaging,) with any of a hundred others on the market. A shot of lemon and a dash of Calone shaken over some artificial “wood” base notes and voilà: you've got Loud. Luckily, the scent is loud in name only, so we're at least spared the unpleasantness of perceiving its banality at greater intensity. The talents of Aurélien Guichard and Yann Vasnier were utterly wasted on this effort.

Now I wonder if “Crash” and “Boom” will smell any more interesting when they inevitably follow?
19th June 2014
Very nice modern masculine floral scent.
The patchouli and tobacco are giving the right amount of depth to the rose top note.
The first TH scent I like!
7th March 2014
Loud is a soft lovely tobacco frag on me anyway. A gorgeous floral and tobacco sillage. Very pleasant indeed. A great one from T.H.
11th August 2012
Bottle and branding aside, I do like this one.

The life of this is monotone, being a 50/50 split between mild patchouli and rose all the way. I do get the ( very ) mild tobacco in the base but only just.

Projection and sillage not the best at all, and longevity very average, 4-5 hours on me.

This all sounds very unenthused so far, but I do enjoy it for it's simplicity. I don't always want to be mentally analysing every fragrance I wear, and with this one I certainly don't have to. It's... nice.

19th September 2011
I'm in between neutral and positive on this, but the real lack of tobacco in this and average at best longevity swings it back to negative. This one is fairly sweet, but I don't find it to be too much over the top. The rose and patchouli are dominant here, but there's some hints of something else that's green here. Longevity was about 6 hours, and this one does not project much at all, so the name Loud really doesn't hold true here. I cannot detect any tobacco anywhere here. This is a step in the right direction for Hilfiger after the mess of their last release, 1985. This could be for someone who really wants to like 1 Million but can't stand the leathery cinnamon.
4th August 2011
It's supposed to be a fusion of music and fragrance. Cool bottle and box, but the juice itself is not LOUD at all. Smells like citrus with a little bit of rose. The tobacco and patchouli are virtually non existent. The best thing Tommy Hilfiger could do would be to make his bottles refillable because what's inside of them can basically be flushed down the toilet.
27th July 2011
Smells like Paul Smith Man 1 (opaque black bottle) and the new DKNY Men.
Very dry and astringent-like.
Unwearable IMO.
28th January 2011
I'm not verry impressed. The patchouli only comes out at the basenotes. Other than that nothing special. It's nice and fresh but just not for me.
28th October 2010
Loud? LOUD?! Is TH trying to be ironic? This is one of the quietest fragrances I have ever tried! Very nicely done mind you, a little different from the norm. VERY mild patchouli and rose. Nice stuff but quiet!

Imagine a much quieter, more subtle Voleur De Roses. The rose is the most prominent note tamed by mild tobacco and patchouli. It's a grower!
18th October 2010