Lost Cherry 
Tom Ford (2018)

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Lost Cherry by Tom Ford

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Lost Cherry is a women's perfume launched in 2018 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Lost Cherry by Tom Ford

There are 13 reviews of Lost Cherry by Tom Ford.

Upon opening I smell cherry liqueur and a toasted nut gourmand accord. This is an inviting smell that has a burnt caramel + cherry aroma. The cherry stays as a light facade while losing prominence to toasted almonds and warm powdery tonka and a dry woods base. Tonka has a dryness often interpreted as tobacco leaves, coupled with the cherry liqueur there is a scent of cherry pipe tobacco. This is a masculine scent at the outset with the cherry tobacco but as it wears on the powder dominates, erasing the impression of tobacco and there is considerable sweetness also in the base. This is a very good scent but doesn't live up to the expectation that I had from a label such as Tom Ford. Cute box and colorful presentation. Rated: 3 of 5.

Ladies and Gentlemen, stand back. I am going to wear Lost Cherry. I am then going to rhapsodize about it and fill this review with so much purple prose that everyone who reads it will be embarrassed for me. I'll probably edit 90% of what I write today out by tomorrow, lest the shame of this review stain my children and my children's children and their children unto the fourth generation.

I LOVE LOST CHERRY. I love it. I love it even though I know it doesn't deserve me OR all the money I pay for it. I love it even though the name is, somewhat ironically, tasteless. I love it even though the pure red cherry note disappears disdainfully within an hour. I love it, even though I feel like a bit of a fashion victim every time I put it on. I love it, and I know all about things like cognitive dissonance and Stockholm Syndrome.

I love it but this is the last time you are doing this to me, Mr. Ford. (Do you take American Express...?)

When I first spray Lost Cherry on my wrist, it's a cherry pie cloud. But after fifteen minutes (the bad jokes just write themselves here, don't they) that note is gone. And the fragrance, um, falls flat for a bit.

Eventually the other notes catch fire though, and Lost Cherry descends into dark, delicious euphoria. Bitter almond is balanced to an almost marzipan effect with that boozy cherry syrup, and it's all topped with just enough jasmine to make your head spin.

These notes smolder for about two hours... there's never enough time when it's this good. Any thoughts of this being another fruity forgettable fragrance are gone.

The dry down is heavenly. It's detectable on my skin indefinitely as a powdery, boozy, cherry-clove-cinnamon scent. Cinnamon isn't named in the pyramid, but I promise, it's everywhere in this dry down . Maybe it's some sort of an effect created by the other notes. In any case, for hours the cinnamon and cloves and cherry booze powder weave around each other, and it's lovely. Lost Cherry is a gourmand without vanilla, it's fruity without being insipid, and it has flowers but isn't a floral.

I can't detect the vetiver or the rose. I would love more rose, but I am relieved not to have much vetiver.

Lost Cherry is safe for work. It's not a siren. It's not overtly masculine or feminine. The come-hither powers of Lost Cherry will probably peak around lunch or other associated snack times.

Lost Cherry's sillage is weak. Projection is such that you, the wearer, might be able to smell it all day but it won't go much beyond your own personal space. If you need a fragrance that collects compliments, do NOT chase this dragon.

It's too late for me. The most I can hope for now is that it won't be reformulated or discontinued. Lost (Paycheck) Cherry is going to be on my dresser for a long, long time.

Imagine cherry mess that featuring red wine soaked cherries mixed with Amaretto laced whipping cream. Add crispy meringues, and bitter almonds for great textual effect. It is as smooth as silk, with nicely balanced almond&cherry and cherry stones notes, all wrapped in vanilla&tonka bean and just the mereset hit of spice. Lush, complex, sensuous and delicious.

It opens with a rich cheery liquor note, with a slight medicinal quality. As it dries down, it gets nuttier with delightful almond. Finally settles to a creamy and smokey vanilla, sweet tonka bean and peru balsam. Unfortunately the dry down doesn't works well with my chemistry. For me the opening is the best part of this perfume. Sweet and not overpowering. It is evocative in that way. This needs to be worn in the cold, it is so cozy on dreary winter day. Moderate in sillage and with good longevity.

Lost Cherry is a great name for this one: 10 minutes after spraying, it's G-O-N-E. Interesting that longevity is good for some people and zero on others....

Cherries, cherries, cherries galore - that is the opening blast; a rich and sweet explosion of red cherries. Soon they become really boozy, and an underlying undercurrent of bitter almonds And amaretto - darker and a touch more bitter than the Ferrero's Mon Cherie chocolates.

Then, after about an hour, the cherries truly are “lost” - the opening notes collapse spectacularly, and like the echo of an explosion, the amaretto remains. No other contenders have a chance to develop: the jasmin Sambas as well as a Turkish rose- the latter remaining rather a background feature that does not contribute significantly to the development of this creation.

The base adds a tonka impression that is sweet but not too dominant, at times is has a tobacco notion attached to it, without seeing the two taking the foreground as they do in this house's Tobacco Vanille. Touches of the Peru Balsam con and go, and a woodsy component developed towards the end - more cedar than sandal, but quite weak on me. Whilst a bit of vetiver shines through rarely, this is a vetiver that is as faints as it is nonspecific.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection overall - from excellent to weak - and and about six hours of longevity on my skin, with the last few hours very close to my skin.

As the name says, the initial cherry is lost very soon. It is somewhat overly synthetic. The subsequent notes are not particularly rich or expressive.
Still, better losing one's cherries than losing one's marbles. 2.75/5.

Lost Cherry is a lovely scent, but unfortunately its name is more appropriate than I think they intended. The opening is one big burst of cherry liqueur. Intoxicating, and wearable as a man IMO, albeit pretty sweet. However, that burst of cherry is very quickly lost.

Within an hour it was an amaretto-esque skin scent, which to me wasn't that special compared to other almond scents like Givenchy Pi. The beauty is all in the opening.

It's definitely one of my favourite things I've ever smelled, but the price tag really hurts, especially for one hour of performance. Maybe I'll snag a small decant if I really miss it.

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