Lost Alice 
Masque (2021)

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Lost Alice by Masque

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 The company describes the note breakdown as:

“SMELL ME” (Head Notes): Bergamot, Ambrette Seed LMR, Clary Sage France LMR, Too Much Black Pepper*
“DRINK ME” (Heart Notes): Carrot Heart LMR, Orris Concrete LMR, English Tea, White Roses (Painted Red)
“EAT ME” (Bottom Notes): Sandalwood India LMR, Broom Absolute Italy LMR, Fleur de Lait (Steamed Milk Accord)

* …and, no, the black pepper is not too much. It is balanced to perfection!

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Reviews of Lost Alice by Masque

There are 3 reviews of Lost Alice by Masque.

I found this perfume by coincidence, when ordering a bunch of samples from ausliebezumduft.de, and I am absolutely in love. It is a gourmand, but by far not too sweet, too "smelled that before" quality, so unique!

It's super dreamy, romantic and mesmerizing. I could wear this one every day, I have tried many (!!!) perfumes and this one is truly outstanding. I have owned it for about 2 months and so far 4 of my girls have bought it after smelling it on me.

So far I have not had a single negative comment about it from people I have shown it to, everybody seems to just love this one!

Perfumes like Lost Alice operate in an emulsive mode. Everything hangs together in an overarching, highly finished nose-feel. This one smells simultaneously of body cream, suede, high-end cosmetics and bath foam, thus the carrot and orris heart notes of this perfume are the ones that define it. There is a hint of milkiness but not enough to take Lost Alice in a more gourmand direction; the impression remains smooth and bleached out in the poshest manner. Within that wash of emulsion some interesting things happen – light herbals, angelica-like sweet green notes, a bit of clean rose here, a fresh accent of black pepper there – providing a sensation of courtyard freshness within the containing overall theme.
I find it a soothing, comforting perfume, perfect for wearing on those frazzled days when anything with a more pronounced personality would jar. Whether the service it provides is worth the asking price is another matter. Admirable persistence and the deepening of the rose blush in the late stages are further plusses.

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