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L'Orpheline by Serge Lutens

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L'Orpheline is a shared scent launched in 2014 by Serge Lutens

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Reviews of L'Orpheline by Serge Lutens

There are 23 reviews of L'Orpheline by Serge Lutens.

I love the smell of soil tincture, so this one sort of scratched my itch. However, the soil smells slightly burned due to the incense note. I'm not sure this fragrance knows which direction to turn. Sometimes I get more of the patchouli and sometimes I get an earthy incense. I love it when it turns incense-y since I'm not the biggest fan of patchouli. But I understand that it is the patchouli note that gives off the soil tincture vibe so it seems that appreciate certain facets of that note.

I'm going to give this more wearings to see if my thoughts change. If you're a fan of earthy and light incense fragrances, give this a sample.

A bright, metallic and crisp opening blast greet me, to be replaced soon by an equally bright patchouli impression. Transient whiffs if vetiver and bergamot in the background enhance the bright character of this stage of the development.

Then it gradually brings of a smooth and slightly creamy incense, which turn a bit darker, but not very much. It becomes sweeter and develops a resinous undertone, with a restrained spiciness that blends in well. I do not get any campherous or medicinal undertone, and it lacks any ceremoniousness on me.

he base adds white musks, which are less egregiously synthetic than in many other olfactory products, and fairly pleasant.

I get moderate sillage good projection, and six hours of longevity on my skin.

An interesting scent doe warmer autumn days, with lots of patchouli in the first half. The patchouli is not very harsh - this is different from Tom Ford's Purple Patchouli - and it is less intense that Le Labo's Patchouli 24, for instance. The resin and incense part is nice, but not really very special, although an agreeable result is present most on the time. overall not bad, but with the somewhat overly chemical opening this Lutens not cutting it such as to warrant a wholeheartedly positive score. 2.75/5

I fell in love with L'Orpheline almost instantly, found it enchanting and very hard to pin down to. Like many other scents I love it has several inbuilt contradictions: cool - warm, clean - dirty, clear - murky. It's one of those scents that plays hide-and-seek with you.

I've never been a super-gigantic Serge Lutens fan; however, I do like a few of his fragrances and over the years, I've worn one, or two on a regular basis (Vetiver Oriental, Santal Blanc).

L'Orpheline leaves me feeling frustrated. No matter how much I apply, or how often I apply the fragrance, I can barely detect any discernible notes. Beyond "a watercolor painting" as one reviewer cited, this stuff reads more like "The Emperor's New Clothes."

Incense, patchouli and musk? Upon application, this fragrance emits the usual Lutens spicy, over-the-top "top" notes that quickly dissipate while one sneezes. The middle of L'Orpheline is frustrating, as I sniff and sniff and sniff and receive nothing but a powdery, musty odor. Fortunately the powdery and musty notes are too weak to make any difference and are barely detectable.

Within 20-30 minutes, L'Orpheline settles as a linear, muted, powdery bore with faint licorice notes.

Not for me and certainly not at the Lutens price-point.

very sweet and floral opening, soap, soapy soap, musk is not as annoying as the white musk, it is a great musk.s, I confirm a mild metallic note and also a well-known cipriata.ora goes to the old style female side with hints of wood sandal.the incense fatigue. is almost imperceptible. there is smell of church but not strong. smells of some scent of narcissus rodriguez.
the smell is delicate, sweet and balmy. there is pepper in the composition. is a good relaxing scent for elegant evenings. but I expected more incense.
vote 7/10
great performance.
elegant scent to dine out, very delicate.
I believe overrated.

if you are looking for an expensive alternative to prada infusion of homme and prada amber this is great.

more on the female side.

little incense. very sweet moss.

Was this one the beginning of the end for Serge? The slippery synthetic slope down which he has continued to slide? This is a frosty sheet of incensed ice, or perhaps in less complimentary terms, the plastic window sheeting meant to keep that iciness out. There is something a wee bit interesting about the spicy, cooling effect of the mentholated incense, but that's about it for the plus side here. Otherwise, it's just another in Luten's line up of transparent chemical coldness.


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