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Tauer (2006)

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Lonestar Memories by Tauer

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Lonestar Memories is a shared scent launched in 2006 by Tauer

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Reviews of Lonestar Memories by Tauer

There are 86 reviews of Lonestar Memories by Tauer.

What a difference a couple of hours make. The first impression was so repulsive that had I been meeting anyone I would have scrubbed it off and replaced it with something safer like polonium. It was a burnt fuse box, a chemical toilet, coal tar soap, burning tyres - awful.
A while later I caught myself snuffling up to my arm and realised I had been doing that without thinking. When the smoke from the burning rubber drifted away it left the most seductive, addictive scent imaginable. On my skin it is beautiful. For years Guerlain has been my yardstick for whether a perfume is worth paying for more than a decant - and the mid and base notes of LM definitely are up there, if you can stomach the first hour of pain.

This is LDDM with leather and an animalic touch. Potent and lasts for days. It's not overly animalic like some other scents, but there is a slight tinge of sweet urine. Up-close, I'm not a fan, but I think I can tolerate the sillage on someone else. It will smell like a well-blended ambery leather in the air. Most of the notes go well with each other, but I'm not sure if the carrot seed is pulling this one into an unusual territory...

Just like other Tauer scents, this has density and richness. It's packed with aroma-molecules and potency. Try a sample, but this is not worth a blind buy.

I want to love this more, but the birch tar lends an almost plastic wintergreen-resin smoke note that jars. Too bad, because the overall execution is interesting, but that plastic smoke edge doesn't work on me

I have not tried the other Lonestar, so can't compare, but I find this a very wearable and interesting scent. Being a transplant to humid subtropics, taking in a big breath of this is a reminder of all the scents of home: hay, barn, horse tack,sage and big skies. Feels good when I'm homesick.

Bizzaro LDDM. Its leather forward. Its got an incensey sage soap leather thing going on, overlying the same dusty amber. Really just feels like a leather flanker, to be honest, finished with laundry musk. But i like leather, and like LDDM. The dry down here i just find somewhat uninspiring. It feels less than. And a bit of a different feel than the opening. The developement is drastic. Its a neutral.

When your ranch hand boyfriend knocks on your door late one night after a long day on the farm, wearing nothing but leather chaps, a jockstrap, his cowboy hat, and a few sprays of L'air du desert Marocain–that's Lonestar Memories. It all starts off a little funky, animalic and meaty from the birch tar with tanned hides and a sharp hit of geranium. But once that leather comes off, it's a sweet, joyous drydown, the soft and supple sun-kissed skin delivered Tauer-style.

But, did L'ADDM need to go butch leather? I'm not sure. If you feel like the classic isn't quite masc enough, or dirty enough, or raw enough, or lacks the power top vibes you were after, this is one to consider. Personally, I can't imagine reaching for this over Tauer's benchmark classic. That said, it's still very good, and very sexy, and probably just incredible under the right circumstances on the right body.

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