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London by Tom Ford

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London is a shared scent launched in 2013 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of London by Tom Ford

There are 12 reviews of London by Tom Ford.

This is another favorite of mine from days when TF was still releasing some bold and avant-garde compositions (the same era when Tobacco Oud was created). Cardamom and spice, coffee and whiskey, musky woods smoldering in the background. An evening of quiet reflection in the study next to a crackling fire.

I smelled this from the bottle and didn't dare to spray it on my wrist. It literally stinks like a dirty body for me. I'll be brave and try it one day and elaborate a better review. But I'm scared of this scent.

Edit: ok, I hate it. For the first time I needed to wash a fragrance off my wrist.

With the name of "London" (which has also been used by Paul Smith, Burberry, et. al.), this scent caught my eye at the local Tom Ford tester counter.

Woody, spicy and fresh EdP, Tom Ford's London has a controversial cumin note which some can find to be offensive in and of itself. As with Cartier's Declaration, London manages to achieve a richer experience that used cumin plus many other significant notes as part of the bigger picture of a warm, sensualized fragrance experience.

I haven't been to London, but I have read reviews from those who have and get the sense of this fragrance capturing some of the more sublime, underground urban feel of that city. Interesting! Opinions will vary.

Nonetheless, this comes across as dark, sexy and edgy, a combo that - for ME - works nicely.

The rubber and stale steel,the brakes screechings
of the London Tube
late 80's
the old trains left this rubber raunchy
very singular smell captured here
the scent in itself not so much wearable
low persistence and low sillage
interesting concept
and a spectacular reproduction of one of the most original smells
the smell of London Underground
when it was a public company

Looking at the note pyramid it would seem that the perfumeurs tossed in ingredients from some existing popular Private Blend editions to produce London. References to some PB frags in some of the reviews here also indicate same. What i get immediately is a peppery and very smoky Amber Absolute, with an oud a bit more assertive than in Oud Wood showing up later. I only smelt Tobacco Oud once but i immediately recalled it when i first smelt London. Oud is not my favourite note, but Amber Absolute is one of my top 3 TFs. This makes London a frag i really enjoy wearing.

As has been well observed before, London is not a beast like Tobacco Vanille or even Tuscan Leather. Someone must have whispered into the ears of someone in TF to make their new scent a bit more conservative (or maybe cheaper to produce per ml). However, London is no wimp. It still needs to be applied with respect in order to have a nice, clear-headed day.

Thumbs (and big toes) way up for London.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a BNIB 50 ml bottle. It reminds me of Oud Wood, Tobacco Oud, and Spice Bomb all together on steroids. To me, the middle changes a couple of times. Dry down reminds me of Tom Ford Extreme. That first spray was actually like fun. It was like my nose was on a roller coaster. This is strictly fall/winter for me. Unless you layer it with Tobacco Vanille or maybe Rive d Ambre. Couldn't be happier with the purchase.

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