Gallivant (2017)

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London by Gallivant

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Art and Olfaction Awards finalist, 2018. 

Rain, shine, touch of grit, dash of glam.

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Reviews of London by Gallivant

There are 3 reviews of London by Gallivant.

After a few days of wear I have this down as a freshie and simply don't detect much if any of what is supposed to be in the basenotes of this scent. As with other reviewers I have been used to getting a complex development from this house's scents and this one doesn't delivery for me in the same way. It is a good, interesting scent as far as it goes, and is a decent wear on a summer's day. But it doesn't go as far as I would like. Can't do more than a neutral for something I expected more from.

Oh, and it's the other end of London to where I'm from.

Cucumber accord and good rose accords.

Verrrrry interesting perfume. Blast of mineral, salty, aquatic opening with a fresh cucumber note. For a while I got a tobacco/cigarette mixed with the rose note but it didn't stay long. Light leather, more of a wallet type leather than jacket type. Rain evaporating off metal, roses of Regent's Park, a nod to Pimms, old pubs with creaky wooden chairs with leather seats.

London is another neat freshie from Gallivant, this time entailing a curious aquatic-like use of cucumber mixed with florals (violet, rose de mai), and a modestly-implemented base of orris, leather, and cedar. It shares in its siblings' accomplishments of blending interesting fresh accords with an interesting dry down. Each of Nick Steward's scents evolve fascinatingly, and London is no exception.

I can see how some might regard the opening as more ozonic than aquatic--regardless, for me, it works well, and relatively quickly gives way to the floral heart and more serous base. Overall, an easy wear to make work year-round and for any wearer, quite agreeable.

Performance is decent but not outstanding (it dries down to a skin scent a bit more quickly and decisively than some of the others) so at $95 for 30ml, one needs to really connect with one in order to deem them full-bottle-worthy.

7 out of 10

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