Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin Eau de Parfum Intense 
Lolita Lempicka (2015)

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Reviews of Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin Eau de Parfum Intense by Lolita Lempicka

There are 5 reviews of Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin Eau de Parfum Intense by Lolita Lempicka.

This smells like the original Au Masculin, but stripped of its sweetness and gourmand quality. The top notes of both fragrances smell very similar, but where Au Masculin slowly transitions into a sweet, powdery, vanillic fragrance, Intense seems to stay the same from top to bottom. It's almost pure black licorice/anise (not too strong, not too light), with a bit of myrrh, iris, and wood. The iris has no lipstick quality to it, and the wood, supposedly oud, doesn't really resemble oud at all. These notes do smell nice, however.

Overall, this is a very nice fragrance by Annick Menardo. If you didn't mind the licorice/anise in Au Masculin but found the vanilla, tonka, and praline to be too sweet and cloying, give this one a try. I think it fits the bill for fall and winter perfectly.

I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in this grab a bottle before they are all gone. Lolita Lempicka lost their license/distributor and is no longer producing their men's fragrance line. Once these are gone, they may be gone forever.
May 3, 2018

Just tried the Intense EdP version of the LLAM scent. A different journey compared to the original EdT!

The original EdT is actually more brash, active and bright, whereas the EdP is mellower, understated and steady throughout the wear cycle. I found this to be the ideal anise-laced interpretation of the LLAM series, with no surprise turns and just a predictable experience overall.

Star anise, myrrh, iris, and vetiver were quite noticeable, whereas the oud is soooooooo subtle and seems more to round the fragrance out with a hint of the typical agar incense effect.

Pleasant, safe, not some superloud nor relentless faceful of fragrance; it's more of a refined statement that takes the daring original concoction and "matures" it to something manageable and ultimately wearable, without being cloying.
Mar 20, 2018

The reissued Au Masculin is significantly weaker than the original, favoring an airier quality, a sort of fog of mystery less rooted in the gourmand than it once was. The Eau de Minuit flanker adds woody depth with an oud note and a richer vetiver. And now we have an 'intense' version; intense by the standard of the weakened reissue. Ergo, we now have a new flanker in this EDP which is almost as strong as the original. Scent-wise, it seems to be a cross between 2000's LLaM and the Midnight version - foody, woody, and airy at once. The anise and bergamot rule for an hour before this becomes a sweet, powdery wood. And, in a move which may make a few converts to the brand, the vanilla is barely present, giving this release a little more versatility and reach beyond just being a gourmand. While it lacks much of the faerie mystique of prior releases it is still great stuff (IF you like star anise), and makes me think of a grandson trying on his grandmother Apres l'Ondee's old clothes and trinkets (In a wistful and playful, -not Norman Bates- kind of way). If I felt so inclined, I could now have an Au Masculin for every season.

After wearing this a few times I realized that, for all the different on-paper notes, it is extremely similar in body, scent, and weight to the reformulated Jaipur Homme, with star anise replacing the cinnamon and heliotrope (the base is certainly woodier, though). I love Annick; she always pulls back just before 'too sweet.'
Nov 6, 2016

The scent of warmth,comfort and relaxed luxury.the intense version of LLAM is as dark as the darkest night and it is as sensual and warm as the original. intense and refined.this is not a sickeningly sweet gourmand no candy no caramel does not offend.
sweet star anise with intense wood and mixes into sparkling bergamot.this is for a man who know how to embrace his sensual side and take pleasure in the smaller details.Irresistible,Warm,Sensual,Vigorous
Woody,Sweet and Delicious.

the first spray is fresh and strong with star anise and bergamot.mellow iris and warm scents of myrrh entangle themselves in the sense.a base of woody sensual notes ensure a deep and enduring impression. it is meant to illuminate your mood and keep you energized as you develop and spiritual bondness with your loved is suitable for a night out on the town in winter.totally a really lovely scent but I prefer still the original.


Longevity?Satisfactory on my skin.


Jun 18, 2016

A concentrated - intense - version of the original Au Masculin - with one difference: Where the original Au Masculin slowly morphs through the day into a aromatic incense and woods with only a ghost of the powerful anise opening, the parfum version never changes from first spray till the end of the day. It's an icy anise blast from start to finish. Not a bad thing to be sure, but I miss the the magic of the original.
Mar 22, 2016

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