Loewe para Hombre fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, petitgrain, lemon, lavender, rosemary
  • Heart

    • patchouli, geranium, sandalwood, vetiver, clary sage, carnation
  • Base

    • moss, musk, amber, leather, tonka bean

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Latest Reviews of Loewe para Hombre

Typical of its time? Efficient? Perhaps, but Loewe Pour Homme just feels so damn good to wear. A 70s aromatic "chygere" (what seems like a chypre and fougere hybrid, I opted for this rather than "foupre," because I think it's self-explanatory), it has that "spring in your step, shuffle in your feet" lemon in its opening accompanied by a lovely lavender. Soon thereafter, an "ooh, that feels good" green, sprightly basil comes in, an "I feel handsome" bit of an inclination, a fresh from the barber and ready to conquer the world sort of sensation.  There is also a phase that smells just like crushing scented geranium leaves in your hand. I've done this a lot—I am obsessed with Pelargonium graveolens.

It warms into the expected mossy splendor of men's marvels of the time, grassy from vetiver and a smooth vanillic/coumarin base. The progression is confident and clean to sensual and rugged; a gentleman in the streets and a lover in the sheets. It's not to say that this is exact replacement for YSL Pour Homme, but for those who want an approximation of that with an added bitter-green herbaceousness and without the musky heavy petting, Loewe would be a great addition in at least the early 2000s version I have with this vivid green juice. 
26th May 2023
We are greeted by geranium, clary sage, rosemary, petitgrain, and also bitter orange. Sandalwood, vetiver, and moss come alive in the dry-down. To my nose the citrus is not strong enough to warrant comparisons with popular citrus bombs.

Loewe PH is sadly overlooked, maybe because of its typical structure: spicy-herbal-citrus opening and woody base. Maybe it wasn't ground-breaking in 1974, but I appreciate its ability to be inoffensive while retaining its unabashed masculinity. You could easily rock this at the office today instead of resorting to something fresher and less masculine.

Projection is moderate but longevity is good.

I hear this 2010s formulation is less floral and less mossy than the vintage. It's well worth a sniff, but I can't attest to the juice in the newer tall bottles.

Masculinity Level: Gordon Gekko delivering the "Greed is Good" speech.
28th January 2023

The presence of men who exude inspirational qualities.men who are mentors without intending to be.this is the representation of a fully grown man, not an old man yet,but a mature man with the vitality of youth and the self assuredness of experience.a really masculine citrus aromatic chypre. similar with Azzaro PH,not so harsh opening,less soapy in the dry down, slightly sweeter.

It starts off with a citrus burst,lemon and lime are blended superbly well together. it feels barbershop,very mediterranean. the lavender and basil create this lovely sweet aromatic spicy accord.the mid is where the uniqueness comes from.a combo of orange blossom and clary sage.these two notes maintain the spiciness of the opening yet give it a slight floral freshness.the dry down is absolutely beautifully executed and lends to the genius of this fragrance.on the dry down it smells similar to the opening with a pleasant limey vibe with the scent of basil,oakmoss,leather and sandalwood.
8th December 2021
Good fougere, excellent vintage vibe but low level of performance and frankly suffers a lot by comparison with Esencia from the same house.
4th August 2018
Review Of Vintage Formulation

This opens up with citrus and lavender and smells like Azzaro Pour Homme but with added spices. Eventually it goes in another direction and leads to a strong smell of Rosemary combining with other herbs. You get that minty piney fragrance which seems to be the heart of the fragrance. Underpinning this is a musky oakmoss and vetiver with some woods.

It's one of the most sensual fragrances I have smelled and it's really good and unequal.The great thing about these old school fragrances with lots of Oakmoss is that the basenotes just linger on your skin all day long. The musky oakmoss and vetiver with the fresh rosemary accord is just lovely indeed.
9th August 2017
Masculine herbal citrus on a bed of confident optimism. I don't know of a better office scent.

The older the better; yellow juice is outstanding and the green stuff is still pretty good.

It doesn't remind me of anything.
28th June 2016
In 2016 this fragrance can smell either grandpa or iconic.I absolutely love it.
1st February 2016
Think Tuscany, Boucheron PH, Versace L'Homme, Dunhill Edtion, Lauder For Men, Fendi Uomo Chanel Pour Monsieur and Quorum all mixed together. Amazing class and style. Better than any of the aforementioned. Very stylish, very complete. Original Worth Pour Homme comes close to this level of (doesn't have to try) refinement IMHO
12th March 2014
Excellent Aromatic Fougere In Its Vintage Form...

*This is a review of the original formula/vintage Loewe pour Homme. Loewe pour Homme opens with a blast of basil herb-laced aromatic lavender with hints of oakmoss rising from the base. As the composition moves to the early heart the mossy green oakmoss, aromatic lavender and herbal basil remain, now joined by sharp woody vetiver with accents of supporting lime-like tarragon and natural smelling mint leaf. During the late dry-down traces of the green oakmoss and vetiver remain, as relatively dry powdery resinous amber adds a touch of warmth. Projection is good and longevity excellent at 10-12 hours on skin.

In its original formula Loewe pour Homme is quite the impressive one. It is a bit rough and ready at the open with its aromatic lavender and basil going all-out but that's just fine by me. As the mossy green oakmoss joined the party shortly after it became clear this composition is a winner and will not smell similar in its current form due to IFRA restrictions on the ingredient. The vetiver is just as important to the success of the composition as the lavender and oakmoss, as all three keep its aromatic fougere nature well-intact until reaching the late dry-down as powdery amber smooths the composition late. I have smelled better examples of vintage aromatic fougeres, but this is an excellent one for sure. The bottom line is while Loewe pour Homme (vintage) may lack the polish of some other vintage aromatic fougere peers, it definitely does not lack character and smells great, earning an "excellent" 4 stars out of 5 and a strong recommendation at the average eBay aftermarket price of under $24 a 30ml vintage bottle.

Pros: Oakmoss, Aromatic Lavender, Woody Vetiver... What's not to love?
Cons: Lacks some of the polish of a few of its vintage aromatic fougere peers.
6th October 2013
Iconic classic aromatic fougere that effectively reminds me more than vaguely Tuscany Uomo but in a more complex, articulated and less clean way. Highly aromatic throughout, herbal, restrained and finally almost obscure with a bewilderment of roots, resins, woods, learther and oakmoss. The beginning is mastered by a bunch of citrus, some aromatic herbs (many, rosemary, lavender, mint, clary sage and others..) and sharp flowers as geranium and carnation while the following development tends towards a complex dry down which is leathery/mossy, smoky and vaguely animalic. The leather (together with lavender, geranium and carnation) in my opinion stands out becoming a distinctive element of the complex alchemy. A great juice, for sure nowadays a witness of a left over age of taste and "restrained" class.
10th April 2013
This review is of Loewe pour Homme.

Very nice, but a bit too old school for me. This opens up with a huge burst of lemon, lavender, oakmoss, and pine. Projection is Huge, even with 1 spray. It reminds me of Esencia to some degree, but not as smooth. The mid becomes more floral, and slightly powdery, with the sandalwood lurking behind the mid notes. To no surprise, sandalwood dominates the base of this, and a great sandalwood indeed! Expect a dirty vetiver note in the dry down as well.

Like Esencia, this one is like chypre meets fougere. It's herbal, green, classy and mature. Signature scent material for an older distinguished gentleman, with a suit/tie wardrobe, who is a go getter. I am not sure about the availability on this one though, it may be discontinued and hard to find. I wouldn't go crazy searching for it, it is nothing too unique. In fact, reminds me of bits and pieces of Polo, Azzaro pH, Drakkar Noir, Esencia, and even Yatagan. Try it though, if opportunity is there.
16th February 2013
I fbought a 5.1 oz (150 mL) bottle of this jewel from ebay for only 39.95 bucks shipping included, what a bargain!!!!!!
The fragrance is basically a Lemon/Lavender/Oakmoss trilogy nicely supported by sandalwool, patchouli and vetiver that confers a slightly woody background with hints of basil.
A couple of month ago I run out of Trophee by Lancome and there is no need to replace it in my wardrobe since they are practically twins, but LpH is better blended
I also love Bowling Green which is based in the same trilogy, but since it has been discontinued I will not be able to replace it when it is gone.
M pour monsieur (Marc de la Morandiere) is also very similar but a touch more refined than BG, and probably will not replace since it is harder to find than unicorn piss.
In few words, this has been a fantastic addition to my wardrobe siince it will replace 3 of my perfumes and to top it off it is even better that any of them.
A nice perfume that everybody should enjoy.
23rd September 2012