Loewe 001 Woman 
Loewe (2016)

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Reviews of Loewe 001 Woman by Loewe

There are 2 reviews of Loewe 001 Woman by Loewe.

I'm a complete sucker for milky sandalwood, and while mysore is endangered and almost fallen completely out of use, I find a number of synthetic sandalwood ingredients (Javanol, Norlimbanol, Polysantol, for instance) quite seductive in their own right. At different turns dewy, dry, and creamy, the wood in this scent is a dryad without pretense–somewhere between lustrous wood grain and sensuous skin. Although peach isn't listed among any of the notes I find, I nonetheless sense it in the gentle way Loewe 001 Woman sits close to me, almost privately disclosing a fruity, fleshiness. It's at least a white sangria version of tangerine, which purports to make an appearance. Any citrus is juicy rather than overly bright.

It's funny how both clean laundry and a yummy sweatiness are both evoked by the fragrance as it settles. A succinct jasmine adds to how very lactonic the perfume is.

For a fragrance that surely fits into a category of non-offensive office-wearables, this scent garners intelligent, if not polarized, responses. La Dame De Noir wrote in a review on Fragrantica: “Loewe 001 is the next step in the evolution (or the involution) of minimalist fragrances. It is a nihilist fragrance.” In Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez's 2018 edition of Perfumes: The Guide, Turin wrote of Loewe 001 Woman: “A stylish if somewhat dowdy fragrance in the current sweet-woody manner, overlaid by a delicious sudden, menacing, intensely tart top note. It's as if your presentable date, when smiling for the first time, revealed teeth filed to a point. Great,” accompanied by four stars.

Ha. Nihilist fragrance. Perhaps my appreciation of contemporary fragrance is as much cultural anthropology as direct aesthetic response; and if so, perhaps nihilism is poetically apropos for the days we're living in.

For its apparent simplicity, this scent holds intrigue and quiet delight.
Jul 23, 2018

001 Woman starts off strong with a complex mix of oldschool peachy butterscotch amber, with rose and jasmine florals, all under a rich buttery smell. It's quite nice, but unfortunately dries down to a rather cheap-smelling peach fabric softener that's a big disappointment after the great topnotes. Meh.
May 22, 2017

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