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Loewe (2016)

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Loewe 001 Man by Loewe

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Loewe 001 Man is a men's fragrance launched in 2016 by Loewe

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Reviews of Loewe 001 Man by Loewe

There are 3 reviews of Loewe 001 Man by Loewe.

I don't perceive heavy citrus in the opening - this is a linear, woody-lipstick that is slightly screechy but ultimately not bad. Indebted to the original Dior Homme, fans of the former should appreciate this.

Agree with the previous.
A fresh sweet linear woody cinammony amber and relatively linear.
As their new scent it really is too non descript and unisex and needlessly so as they also have a women's version of this fragrance. Feminism gone too far as per Jordan Petersen. Wife turned her nose up at it. She also likes me to leave a bit of stuble. The message is clear. Men to be men and women to be women. Same rights but enjoy our differences.

Fragrance: 2.75/5
Projection: 3/5
Longevity: 3/5

So, 001 Man is largely based on that aquatic "woody amber" chemical that I detest, the one that smells like a mixture of bleach and rubbing alcohol that's in all the cheap mainstream masculine scents. That being said, this is probably the most artful, interesting use of that dreaded note that I've tried.

It pairs that note with an interesting combination of 70's sexy musk and dusty oakwood. It makes for a fascinating combination, the way the dusty wood fuses with the aquatic chemicals under the soapy haze of retro animalics really does work. Unfortunately, the rest of the day is just a slow unraveling and downhill slide - as the musk fades, the aquatics take over focus and eventually, even a smudge of maple syrup immortelle can't keep this from ending up as a weak Azzaro Chrome drydown.

In all, I just CAN'T give this a thumbs up. But fans of men's mall scents should definitely give this a try.

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