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There is not much to say about Molinard's 1930 carnation soliflore. It's straight-forwardly spicy, gentle and true to the flower. There is no attempt to employ clove here, as so many modern perfumers since have done, to try to more cheaply evoke the similar scent.

For me the difference between the bright and effervescent true carnation and the heavy, oily clove is that between light and dark, day and night.

Molinard's Oillet is a delight, not only in and of itself, but because of the rarity of true carnation oil in modern perfumery today.

Seek this out online.
15th July 2017
Carnation is indeed the name of this game. A well-balanced pleasantly sweet uncloying nigh monofloral creation. The carnation is less earthy and crisp than Robert Piguet's but less bright than Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps. and has a flair of elegance, smoothly balanced brightness and a very pleasing feeling to it.

In the latter stages greenish undertones come and go, but the carnation always rules.

The sillage is moderate, he projection very good, and the longevity superb: ten hours.

For the carnation lover, this is a must-try: the quality of the ingredients is absolutely outstanding. 3.75/5.
27th February 2016