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Livonia by Filigree Parfums

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Filigree Parfums
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James Elliott

Handmade and certified vegan.  Inspired by His Name Is Alive.

This fragrance is inspired by a friend who is quite the libertine. Livonia is an alchemy of memories when we first met: the remnants of incense in her hair and sweat on her skin, we would talk about topics both controversial and meaningless over shared cigarettes into the early hours. Sparks of ire and passion masked the love buried deep below.

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There are 1 reviews of Livonia by Filigree Parfums.

Smoky. Dark woody, damp things. Faint floral bits, rise up a little later. Tobacco is dominant. Patchouli is medium-bodied. Orris, iris-y notes seem to hover above the skin. Slight ambrette seed aroma come and goes with bits of dark brown sugar.

In time, some orange pops up, and tuberose, that does Not drown you... Tobacco calms down. Florals increase a bit. More wood. An excellent, unisex, wintertime, cool month fragrance. You must like tobacco though. It wants to claim your soul at times...

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