Little Stars fragrance notes

    • citrus, neroli, ylang ylang, clove bud, jasmine, exotic woods, oud, black agar, atlas cedarwood

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I'm having a really hard time expressing what this smells like. It's a green woody concoction that's technically made with cedar, oud, and other mixed woods, but it forms a cohesive whole that resists the picking out of individual ingredients. I has a sort of forest smell (trees and mulch) but also reminds me of that sweet green fertilizer smell (not the poopy kind, but the plant kind!) and also brings to mind Tauer's signature mix of natural opoponax and resins that he uses in a lot of his work, but without his usual creamy rich support structure.

There's also a floral component, but it smells more like a sweetness behind the woody greens than anything specifically flowery. If forced, I could pick out jasmine, but Little Stars is much more a woody perfume than a floral. The opening has what I'm guessing is a eucalyptus note, which probably contributes a lot to that woody smell, but gives the first few minutes a camphorous brightness that reminds me of vap-o-rub or a cough drop, so I'd advise people to not be scared of the fleeting topnotes if they're not a fan of that sort of scent. It doesn't last long and the rest of the scent is worth it.
12th September 2012
Opens like a chest embrocation, with a spiciness and hints of ylang emerging from it. There's also some undergrowth greenness, a forest floor feel, which would be most tempting if it weren't for the overriding impression of essential oils. Might work better as a soap (of the anti-bacterial variety).
20th August 2012