Little Black Dress (original) 
Avon (2001)


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Little Black Dress (original) by Avon

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Avon describe this fragrance as a sparkling floral. A new version of the fragrance was launched in 2016

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Reviews of Little Black Dress (original) by Avon

There are 14 reviews of Little Black Dress (original) by Avon.

I haven't met a woman (or a man) who didn't like LBD. It's problably the best selling fragrance for women in Europe - and rightfully so.

Just like the black dress, this perfume is one of a kind. It' fresh, modern and classical alike and with an uncanny elegance.

I've always loved Little black Dress and I probably always will...

Nice enough floral scent, pretty inoffensive, but there's really nothing else I can find to post that's positive.

Nobody is likely to find this fragrance offensive to share a room with, but then again not that many people are likely to notice the scent in the first place.

Smells inexpensive and uninteresting, but nothing objectionable. If it was the only scent available I'd probably wear it, but with thousands of more interesting scents out there to try, I think I'll give my bottle away.

A first spray of Chic in Black is Sparkely Sweet floral and then dries
down to woods but unfortunuly this doesn't last long but enjoy it what you can And i love the bottle's Design.

not expensive to buy, and doesnt smell expensive, but i think its pleasent enough, i like the ginger note in this

I love the talc. Its shimmery, silky and smells divine.

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