L'Interdit Rouge fragrance notes

    • blood orange, ginger, pimento leaf, orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood

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I’m not sure why this fragrance doesn’t come up when you search the database. The only way I could find it or any of the other versions of L’interdit, was to scroll through the Givenchy house offerings… despite spelling it correctly when I tried the search function.

But if you found this review, this fragrance is a good one. Even great in my eyes. I enjoyed the original (I’m referring to the 2018 original and not the one that was made for Audrey Hepburn half a century ago), but it was never a love for me. And now, with this one, I understand why. I don’t think it felt “finished” to me. Whereas this Rouge version has some additional notes that really take it to the next level. There’s a slight spicey ness and warmth to this one that rounds out the sweetness of the original. The original is still apparent throughout the wear time, but I really feel like the ginger, pimento leaf and blood orange are the missing puzzle pieces that were lacking. For that reason, I really don’t think you need both. To my nose, this is clearly the better version. It’s beautiful, and has an almost gourmand quality to it without smelling like a food.
16th October 2022
A "cleaned up" new-generation sort of brand new Cacharel LouLou for us by Givenchy (being L'Interdict Rouge less vanillic, less complex and more icy/musky and tuberose-centered). A peppery/almondy/mentholated/musky (vaguely heliotropic) tuberose for us with a syrupy jasmine as floral support. A super spicy and kind of fruity fragrance (it seems to detect blueberries kind of blended with almondy juice, ruling tuberose and musk/vanilla). The note of tuberose is syrupy, orangy, musky, almondy/mentholated and saffrony. The icy/mentholated vibe exudes a sort of Ange ou Demon's sort of frosty vibe (perfect for a Saint Petersburg's winter romantic hand by hand night out-walk). L'Interdict Rouge is juicy and vibrant, a sensual glamour/chic fragrance ideal for clubbing and frosty winter down town nights out with friends.
16th September 2021