L'Interdit (2018 version) fragrance notes

    • orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, vetiver, patchouli

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Even though this is a feminine fragrance, I kind of dig it. Starts out as a sweet candy type fragrance. I personally would not wear this, but I think it would smell great on a woman. Calms down to a sweet woody fragrance.
31st March 2023
I seem to be in the minority here but I love this frag. It is sharp and spicy and warm, it does not read as saccharine or sweet to me at all, though I definitely detect some vanilla. I am a fan.
6th February 2023

I read the notes and hit the buy button. Big mistake. I sprayed ONE SPRAY on my inner forearm and that was enough to trigger a massive headache. I was suffocating in sweetness… and I like sweet! I like tuberose… I like orange blossom! I’m not sure what went wrong here but this is the thickest, heaviest, syrupy sweet, sickening fragrance I can remember putting on in the longest time. It was like every cell in my body rejected it. I was nauseous and sweating from the pain in my head. I had to wash it off and it took lathering up 4 separate times to make a dent in it enough for me to function like a normal human again. This took all the things I love and magnified them to the point where they all became poison. This is the type of tuberose that I think gives tuberose a bad name to so many people. This is a very challenging fragrance to me and I think only those who appreciate the thick and heavy tuberose would like this. Proceed with extreme caution, definitely not a safe blind buy in my book… even if like me, you enjoy all the notes present in other fragrances.

Update: I ended up keeping this one and returning to it to try again, and it’s growing on me. I still think it’s way more powerful than most of my perfumes (strike that, more powerful than ALL my perfumes), but with an extremely light hand in spraying… I did actually enjoy this one. It’s still very intense, but I think both my nose and the bottle needed to sit for a while on this one.
15th April 2022
Getting the author of Carnal Flower and Vétiver Extraordinaire to write a fruchouli
is like telling Michelangelo to leave off the Sistine chapel and do a manga cartoon.
I wish he would stop wasting his time and turn out another masterpiece.
2nd April 2022
28th June 2021
The dose really makes the poison! I remember how I sniffed it at a counter and recoiled: such obnoxious sweetness! such intolerably huge tuberose! I laughed like a madwoman when I received a sample of this with a purchase. I sniffed it again, and yeah, still disliked it. A few weeks passed and I was feeling brave enough to add just a couple tiniest spritzes from the vial on my skin, and guess what! I finally was able to enjoy what I smelled: a soft, fat, cuddly, buttery, waxy, cozy sweetened tuberose. The tiniest spritzes and the right timing is everything here. Just one spray too many (and yes, just one *can* be too many if the time is not right) and you'll drown in the thick and lustful floral sugary sweetness and all you'll be able to see is pink, and all you'll be able to taste are buttery cake frosting flowers. Not for the faint of heart. For those who want the whole cake for themselves only.
2nd May 2021
Hahahahahaha, no. Too saccharine. Even for something theoretically originally inspired by that most saccharine of actresses, Audrey Disney Princess Child-Hybrid Hepburn. Obviously this isn't the same one she wore: a woman who wears Femme, even a goody-two-shoes like Audrey, would never stand for this crap.
6th April 2021
Gifted to me. First, let me state I am not a fan of floral perfumes. I prefer either a green, mossy one or a warm and spicy oriental. For me, this version of L'Interdit was so loud and sharp I wanted to run screaming into the bathroom to wash it away. Resisting the soap and water, the molecules clung onto the hairs in my nose and the cuff of my blouse. There were a few lovely notes trying their best to be recognized but all I could smell was a sickening one (maybe the tuberose?) dominating everyone else in the symphony. It reminded me of a perfume I tried once in past. I think it was Jill Sander #4. The next day I had a sniff of the previous day's cuff and it had calmed down to a tolerable fragrance. Funny how we all react to particular scents.
2nd January 2021
Like wrapping yourself in a sweet, cozy blanket as the fall leaves are starting to shift colors. Pear creamy goodness with prominent lovely tuberose notes. The smell of the beautiful woman before the syrupy I'm-Candy-Eat-Me fragrance of now or the bon bon jar of an expensively tailored french woman, done up in red lipstick and powerhouse perfume with a hard candy perfuming her lips and mouth.

It scents for a lady who is warm, pleasing and yet has her little secrets. The opening is lush and fruity that quickly blends with tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine to from a nice, soft floral bouquet. The dry down is all amber and caramel over the patchouli base that makes it a sweetly seductive fragrance that displays all it's charms in a gentle way. Luxury woman in evening dress at night city going to prom party night city with princess in celebrity style.
8th December 2020
Just annoyed the perfume counter lady by turning up my nose at it with extreme prejudice. From the big tank of generic cheap pink Angel-spawn. Zero relation to original l'Interdit, and I've checked this against my vintage pure parfum.
18th October 2019
Givenchy – Interdit (2018 version)

The original of Interdit, containing 18 ingredients, made no impression at all on my nose. So subtle as to be undetectable.

The new version, containing but five ingredients (Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Tuberose, Vetiver, Patchouli) is hardly subtle, nor does it contain any of the five named that are recognizable to my nose. What it does scream out is “ANGEL COPY.”

Yes, a fruitier (if that were possible) version of the original Angel, but with all of Angel's juices firmly in place.

This is a screamer, a screecher if you will, and only the truly bold and brave may apply. Were this not a copy, I would give it high praise, but as a blatant copy with no originality, all it can muster from me is a neutral.

Too bad I can't recommend the original vintage either. Interdit in any form just doesn't cut the mustard, though anything to cut this rather shrill scent would have been welcome.

9th October 2019
L'Interdit (2018) by Givenchy is bubblegum tuberose turned up to 11. Typically, we can find this type of tuberose in niche fragrances, but it is loud and clear in this designer offering.

My husband said that I smell like bubble gum with a little bit of mint. He seems to like it.

I'm not getting bubblegum, but I am getting a juicy grape/cherry note that lasts for hours. Normally fruity notes bother me, but this is bright, happy, and almost good enough to eat. Sometimes this smells a little like Dr. Pepper with a pretty woody floral background. I don't really smell patchouli, but after a couple hours, a green musky note appears.

I'm quickly make my way through a sample, and that is usually a sign that I enjoy a fragrance.

Excellent performance...

8th July 2019