L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum 
Guerlain (2005)

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L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

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L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum is a men's fragrance launched in 2005 by Guerlain

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Reviews of L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

There are 103 reviews of L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain.

Not what I expected at all. Opens with powerful blast of patchouli that drowns out everything else. An hour later and it’s still going strong - patchouli and nothing else. After about 3-4 hours it mellows out a bit, and a few floral notes are more noticeable, as is a hint of bitter cocoa powder, but the patchouli is still dominant. Then, just when you think the patchouli is going to fade and let the woods, tea, chocolate and jasmine through in earnest, the whole thing just dies leaving just a faint skin scent of… yes, you guessed it, patchouli. Not the well-blended well-balanced masterpiece it’s famed to be. More just a clumsy relentless patchouli bomb. Not very Guerlain in its latest guise.

"Someone left dark chocolate out in the rain...with the sweet orris icing, flowing down..."

Iris is not listed as a note, but I certainly get that impression, and I think it's what contributes to that cocoa powder quality, with the patchouli further fleshing it out. This was great during the walk outside today in the drizzly weather, a snuggle time scent if you will. Sophisticated and deep, yet cozy as it blankets your skin.

I never experienced the original iteration "LIDGE", but if it was better than this, then it must've been a behemoth because this definitely is a powerfully sweet, earthy snuggle on my skin. The price to quality ratio, as with many from the beloved Guerlain oeurve, is outstanding. I am happy I now have it in my possession.

Here's to snuggly chocolately patchouli cloaks!

The bright lemon pepper and star anise opening is killer.
Drying into the heart that Smoky Tea mixing with Jasmine and hibiscus. It’s just divine. As the basenotes open up you’ll get the dry cocao and patchouli with a bit of creamy sandalwood. This is truly a special and spectacular fragrance all notes get a bit of action. Then they subdue to a unbelievable melting pot of them all together in the base mixing and swirling in the air as you move you’ll get hit with one or more of the notes.
Absolute Guerlain masterpiece. Brava Ms. Piquet. L’Instant(The Moment) the Angels welcomed you home, this is the fragrance they were wearing. 10/10

LIDGE Review:

This will be a review of the newer formulation of LIDGE. I have not, and will probably never try the older version.

The star anise opening to this scent is my least favorite part of this fragrance. It's a bold, brash, and harsh opening that just doesn't sit quite right on my skin. Thankfully it doesn't last too long. Once you get past the opening, you get to this wonderful patchouli and cocoa combination. It's an incredibly dry smell. You certainly don't want to go in expecting a creamy chocolate smell. That being said, I still get a slightly gourmand type of feel from this one. It's just an incredibly unique take on a masculine fragrance.

This smells much better at a distance as opposed to up close on the skin. For that reason, I don't think this is the best date fragrance. I'd also recommend spraying this on your skin instead of your clothes. The fragrance develops much better that way.

This is a fragrance that took some time to grow on me. I recommend anyone who's checking it out to give it at least three wearings before you make up your mind. This has a certain captivating magic to it that takes some time to really appreciate.

Best Age Group- 30+
Best Season- Winter
Occasions- Formal, Work, Casual
Projection/Sillage- Medium
Longevity- 10 Hours
Smell- 7/10
Overall- 7/10

YouTube Channel: theaveragecologneguy

A delicate and beautiful thing. Why oh why does that gorgeous citrus subside in minutes? From then on you have a Bentley Intense half-strength dry off, just done better. If the citrus could be sustained this would be my nirvana scent. 7/10

I like the way Zealot's review lays out the L'Instant/L'Instant Extrême history. I agree, in that I'm one of those people who likes the original L'Instant pour Homme, the way it combines greens with the infamous Gurlainade of mossy, musky vanilla in a beautifully indescribable way.

Extrême takes that same formula and adds a bunch of ethyl maltol, which adds a smoky roasted nut smell, as well as a pinch of marshmallow and that chocolate illusion. I can see how this takes something unfamiliar and grounds it a bit, and I can see how a lot of men who weren't sure about L'Instant's diaphanous sweetness are more comfortable with Extrême's smokiness.

All told, I prefer the original, but still enjoy Extrême. Thumbs up, of course, but as a second choice.

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