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Reviews of L'Insoumis by Lalique

There are 11 reviews of L'Insoumis by Lalique.

Great men's fragrance. I don't find this to be super heavy on me. It has decent longevity and projection. To my nose it is sweet, clean and slightly spicy. I really enjoy it and for the price I find it a complete winner. Enjoy!
Jan 7, 2021

I've had this on for about 10 minutes and already it's clear that I have about as much understanding of this linear, phoned-in scent as I need. In a word, depressing. A brief fresh opening utterly bypasses any of the aromatics I was expecting and hoping for and goes straight for the "cashmere wood" that doesn't appear in the note profile here but is prominant on the sample break-down. Is there also a touch of that lineny, shorthand-for-freshness violet leaf? A pale imitation of other fragrances that I don't care for anyway. Lalique has done much, much better than this.
Aug 9, 2020

Disappointing. Chemical/ metallic.
Jun 19, 2020

A touch of seduce to your evening.
L'insoumis is difficult to hate and easy to like, but I can't say I love it.The scent itself is rather herbaceous and earthy. It has a masculine vibe to it,that is seductive.There are harsh edges in this scent after the initial blast of opening.There's a hint of sweetness rounding the woody and spicy notes and the drydown is just generic.

The only synthetic smelling part to my nose with this scent is the boozy opening.the boozy accord leaves just traces of basil and the softly,warmly spicy black pepper reveals itself,intertwining with patchouli and slightly Clary Sage and woody nites.from close distance to skin the nutty aroma is detectable from distance it blends in as more generic,soft spicy note.

Nice enough scent But honestly it's not special enough.smells like a library filled with old books and someone broke a vodka bottle in the library.
This is really a nice cold-weather frag, but you could pull it off for a intimate ocassion on a summer night.for a night on the town or a dinner party with her.


Longevity?Pretty Good on my skin.

May 24, 2020

This is very non-enjoyable, and all over the place. The beautiful bottle is done, only in Lalique fashion, they are known for their bottles, and often, unorthodox masculine fragrances. this one just stepped too far out of bounds.

The opening: initially, I notice a green and herbal quality, but it changes significantly and in a hurry, and what i was expecting to be a forest like scent, turns into a sweet, cloying, tropical mess. Yes tropical, despite the notes. This is very coconut and fig heavy to me in the opening, accompanied with a dark feel. It very much reminds me of the masterpiece Paul Smith London, but if you took everything great about that, and made it horrible. For those who never got to try that now rare gem, Ferrari Silver Essence contains this similar vibe. The difference is, Silver Essence sticks the course of its route, while L'insoumis floats off in another direction.

The middle brings in a very common lavender note, it does not match at all with the opening, and it even feels like I am wearing 2 different fragrances at this point, perhaps trying to create my own layering combination, and nothing is matching up. The base becomes a little better binding. The top notes have dissipated, the lavender mid is very light now. The base is strong on the patchouli and fake moss, and there's a little bit of vetiver too. the base notes are almost indistinguishable here. To someone who hasn't smelled them a million times, they would just assume it's just a floral woodsy base, because that's how it pretty much smells.

A mess of an opening, a boring heart, a muddled base. There is nothing enjoyable about this fragrance. Unless you wanna smell like a mess, which, hey, I guess some would consider that artistic. For me, it will be hard to get rid of my bottle, simply because I love Lalique's bottle designs/quality. Though there's no sense in keeping a $30 paperweight around. Hopefully somebody else will enjoy this more than me.
Oct 13, 2019

L'Insoumis smells nice at first with a clean, fruity note along the lines of apple but that doesn't last very long, and then it fades into a vague base with notes too soft and blended to really stand out or form any kind of identifiable, distinct personality. I get some lavender and vetiver, and there's definitely a basil aroma, but they're very unimpressive and bland. Though they're not harsh synthetic notes, they are clearly synthetic in a dull, lifeless sort of way. Everything's kind of hazy and gray, and there's no vibrancy to the composition. For this reason, L'Insoumis gets an unenthusiastic thumbs down. It's not terrible, and it doesn't smell BAD, but it's certainly not good; it's boring for sure; and it's kind of a let down from Lalique, whose standard releases have been very solid up until now.
Aug 13, 2019

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