Linfedele 1004 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • orange, watercress, turmeric
  • Heart

    • clove, coffee, wheat, patchouli
  • Base

    • ylang ylang, cardamom, incense, vanilla, myrrh

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Well, honestly I prefer calling this fragrance the little brother of Linfedele 1003 for men not his sister!
Because I can't see anything feminine here!
The whole scent from the opening to the last minutes on your skin is completely masculine.
The opening is a semi fresh spicy scent with strong incense note and some herbal feeling.
There is a semi fresh orange smell at the start mixed with watercress that give the scent a herbal aroma, but there are very strong notes of cardamom, incense and patchouli that pushing through those fresh herbal notes and take the lead just a few seconds after spraying the fragrance on your skin.
Just a few seconds and oranges and watercress are gone and after that you can smell a very sharp spicy scent from cardamom and patchouli that have a smoky dusty feeling too and that's because of incense.
The incense note give the scent that smoky dusty ashy smell of his bigger brother but not as strong as him!
In the dry down the incense note settle down very much and you will leave with cardamom and patchouli notes hand to hand.
At the opening the patchouli note didn't show his earthy feeling but now you can slightly detect that.
You will have this semi fresh spicy scent of cardamom and sharp earthy smell of patchouli but still cardamom is the strongest note.
In the base, cardamom start to decay and vanilla kick in and give the scent slightly sweet vanilla feeling and in this part you can smell patchouli note easily that has earthy and wet feeling of this note.
Projection is OK and longevity is good.
As I said, it's masculine to my nose our maybe unisex that is mostly in masculine side but it's not feminine!
If you don't like the 1003 masculine version and think it's too heavy and strange for you, give this one a try. much easier to wear.
16th February 2014
Beautiful incenseThere is an orange top note with lots of turmeric , which if given a herbal note by a touch of dill. A fresher phase of petitgrain a d patchouli is brief, with coffee leading into deeper zones dominated by clove, myrrh, cardamom and yang-ylang; the latter are blended superbly to create a beautiful incense note that is never heavy or cloying. Later in the base tonka adds a bit of restrained pleasant sweetness. This scent betrays the use of highest quality ingredients, is well balanced and versatile for the wear in cooler climes. Good silage and projection, with a very good longevity of seven hours. An O'Driu that is very wearable.
8th October 2013

Finally i received with courtesy in homage the samples directly by the administration of this wonderful brand. Haute Couture of the niche perfumery. Knowledge, elegance and craftsmanship at the highest  worldwide levels. This complex juice is surprisingly modern but in a baroque, arcane, evocative (about nights of medieval burghs, sweet wines and candels) and decadent way, according with the O'Driu's phylosophy, i guess. The aroma is utterly natural, genuine, almost exhaling at moment by real ingredients placed (ideally) in front of you. Linfedele 1004 is an extremely tasty fragrance (with coffee and honeyed patterns) and smells boozy (like some liquorous wines), peppery (really, really spicy at the beginning after the first minutes), orangy-exotic (ylang-ylang), barely camphoraceous and leathery-animal in a while under my nose. Immediately jump to mind fragrances as Coze 02 Parfumerie Generale, Idole de Lubin and M Puredistance (but also vague initial conjurations about Pour Un Homme Caron- due a sort of green-anicy vanilla starting smell) but this aroma possesses its own temperamental personality. Some green and minty notes introduce the orchestra. After the first dab, before the kurkuma, a touch of cumin and the tasty and prickly spices start soaring higher and higher becoming protagonist, for a couple of minutes i detect some green, slightly citrusy (orange-bergamot) and minty (dill) vanilla. A concert of prickly, orangy and tasty spices (nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon), some camphoraceous and animalic elements encompass the elements and a sheer smoky dark incense starts working gradually in order to increase its "fumidus" power with the sliding of the time and to paint of arcane mystery the general nocturnal and chaotic atmosphere. The note of wheat is warm and fragrant enveloping (on the side of the kurkuma and a touch of saffron) the edible elements with its baked kind of vibe. I think a sort of hesperidic and earthy patchouli is fixed on the ground in order to become a sort of olfactory backbone for the fragrance and to keep on stable the luxurious decadence of the aroma itself. Some exotic balsams envelop all the elements rounding the complexity as soon as the spicy-wild power starts barely to fade. In this phase you fully realize that Linfedele 1004 O'Driu' is basically and incensey-smoky-spicy fragrance smelling close (but obviously not utterly) to l'Air du Desert Marocain Tauer but slightly less spicy (i mean less properly spicy and more incensey-smoky), less floral, with more balsams, "moulds" (i mean wild and animal notes, camphor and may be a touch of moss-labdanum), with a more plain hesperidic-baroque patchouli and more fruits in the blend. The Tauer one is an exotic-spicy fragrance while Linfedele 1004 manages to be exotic-spicy and decadent-baroque at once. Stunning complexity and a proud for the italian perfumery.
25th September 2012
Linfedele opens on skin with a dark spicy blast of dill, turmeric and what appears to be cumin showing as a mild BO undertone that actually works here (even though it is not listed in the notes), with maybe just the faintest hint of citrus in the far background. The dill definitely dominates the other notes and continues to hang around into the heart notes, where it is joined by clove and even a subtle coffee undertone that at first I did not notice, but after further wearing it became more apparent. The real base becomes sweeter and does not develop until much later... so late that at first I thought the scent was gone, and then when waking up the next morning the sweet base was definitely evident. It consists primarily of a semi-sweet vanilla (which is quite natural and not of the powdery variety), a mild incense supporting note and I believe I detect even a hint of sweet sandalwood as well (even though it also is not listed in the notes section). Projection is below average, but longevity, while somewhat mysterious (as the spicy heart notes seems to disappear after about 4 hours, only to have the sweet base notes re-appear much later) is quite good.

Linfidele is a very unique and interesting scent. I can't think of a single scent I have smelled like it to date. That said, while it takes a couple wearings to get used to, it smells quite intriguing, and I mean this in a good way. I don't think I can afford buying a full bottle, but I have to applaud the folks at Odriu for trying something unique, but still doing a great job in putting some difficult notes (like the dill) together in a way that still works and is wearable. Linfedele is not going to appeal to everybody, but I don't think that is what Odriu was going for. It is designed for the person who demands quality and individuality in materials and scent composition, while still expecting something wearable. Definitely a sniff is recommended, especially to demanding spicy scent lovers. 4 stars out of 5.
24th April 2012
On paper it is sweet, woody, spicy, with a toasted grain note. The juice is a deep golden colour.
On my skin, I note the following. It is oriential in style since it has spice and patchouli. That being said, it is a lean oriental: substantial but not heavy or cloying, and not too sweet once the initial phase burns off. It is not green in any sense, and I see little relation or pairing with Linfedele 1003. The ingredients are well blended and pleasing.
It is interesting that there is a spice positioned at each phase of the scent's development. The interplay between tumeric - cloves - cardamom suggests cumin at many points. Cumin always conveys a somewhat sharp, male-sweat note, and that is note which I don't immediately care for. Here, as that cuminesque note abates, other and more attractive notes emerge. The cumin never entirely goes away, but it is better when it is balanced than when it dominates, as it does in the early going. The tumeric gives a dusty/woody character which is quite true to form. At times, the woody note suggests cedar pencil-shavings.
I really appreciate the incense here. If the cumin was scaled back about 25% this might be an ideal scent; as it is, it's pretty good. The incense is airy and smoky. At times there is a warm rubber note (which I also noticed in Lindfedele 1003).
The dry-down is smooth, assertive, and to my mind completely masculine (though a woman with verve certainly would enjoy it). I'm happy to report that the vanilla is NOT a problem, in fact (thankfully) I can't even detect it!
I like this a lot -- perhaps I'm not going to rush out and buy it (given the price) but it is pretty good stuff.
11th April 2012

"Wild Savage Notes", Dill, Orange, Turmeric
Coffee, Toasted Kamut (grain), Petitgrain, Clove, Patchouli
Incense, Ylang Ylang, Cardamom, Myrrh, Vanilla

See Linfidele 1003, but with with cumin, coffee, and toasted notes, which change the character considerably. Again, Cumin is not noted in the short list of notes but it is there in abundance and again we can see it in the longer list. But what does that matter anyway? These are experiential fragrances.

It is as if an animal has appeared in the expansive green landscape of 1003. The toasted notes bring an animal warmth somehow. It is more pungent than 1003, it also has more depth, more presence. It makes 1003 seem very clean, whereas this one is a bit dirtier. The clove is dominant for a time in the mid development of 1004. The drydown, on paper, has a definate cumin note whcih the 1003 does not have.
I decided after my first try that I wasn't going to say anything about whether I liked each of these fragrances, or not, or whether I preferred one to another, because what I like is of no importance whatsoever. It doesn't say anything about these fragrances. So it doesn't matter whcih one I prefer, but I do think that there is a choice to be made. LINFEDELE 1003 and LINFEDELE1004 might divide us.

1004 loses much of the sweat and dirt eventually, (surprisingly, you would think that it would stick around), but it does have a greater complexity in the drydown than 1003, and greater longevity on skin.

I must say that if 1004 is intended to be the Feminine version of Linfidele and 1003 is intended to be a masculine version then I don't agree with those definitions at all. Preference will be a very personal thing with these fragrances but if we do have to define the two Linfideles by gender then I would say that 1003 is the feminine and 1004 is the masculine.
11th March 2012