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There are 6 reviews of L'Immensité by Louis Vuitton.

L'Immensite is a likable, good friend kind of fragrance at first sniff and through its opening. Initially you notice the tartness of grapefruit with an odd sour pickled ginger accent which is a nice touch providing a bridge to a warm rosemary and wooded amber base. The grapefruit ginger layers onto labdanum and ambroxan base that is very dry and pleasantly warm and smells like grapefruit + spiked ginger in an equal balance with the ambroxan powered rosemary + labdanum base. Overall the smells are interesting and very original giving the effect of natural oil rubbed wooden furniture - kind of a Scandinavian feel to the wood. I have totally come around to this fragrance and changed my opinion after wearing it a few times. Initially i was expecting a fresh oceanic along the lines of AdG and this was from reading reviews by early users. I am accepting of L'Immensite and now I enjoy its simplicity of tartness over clean ginger woods. Currently rated 7 of 10 stars, but trending up.
May 18, 2021

Louis Vuitton began a push between 2016 and 2019 towards a collection of fragrances scaled to fit the niche mould and to announce a strongarmed re-entry for those already beholden to the house as well as the well-moneyed looky-loos drawn to anything marketed as upscale. L’Immensite arrives alongside the class of 2018 (Nouveau Monde, Au Hasard, Orage, Ombre Nomad, and Sur la Route), each pointed in a masculine direction.

To be fair, I arrived at the Louis Vuitton boutique with the initial intention to procure a sample of Afternoon Swim (2019). While discussing the fragrance line with the SA its bright and limpid cobalt blue bottle really leapt out from the backdrop; in fact, amongst the beige-bedecked shelves of various leather, canvas and upper echelon ready-to-wear refinement this particular bottle was a uniquely happy expression against the more staid LV collection. But, alas, having been a popular scent this Summer, and with all of their samples gone, the SA encouraged me to take a sample of L’Immensité (2018) which she described as very popular amongst their male clients and, with their program in place that allows bottle refills at a $100 discount for devoted returnees, it was already the most commonly sought-after at this boutique since its release almost two years earlier. I was surprised to learn this because I heard that Orage and Sur la Route were more popular.

In much the same way that Creed prior to Aventus (2010) might arguably be known to represent the high-brow nouveau riche refinement of previously established scent profiles from other houses, the same might be said of LV in this case. In fact, it must be stated because others will continue to point this out elsewhere. Deservedly so. More on that in a moment.

Although one might be suspect of such a high-profile brand’s sense of originality L’Immensité is nevertheless a gorgeous, well-wrought structure that it cannot be denied. This Jacques Cavallier rendering is luxurious and imminently wearable for many occasions, from casual to more formal. As per the brand mythos there is warranted sophistication about it that cannot be denied. It feels good wearing this, though I wonder if something approaching $300 for a bottle could ever really be warranted, and here again we return to the subject of originality in the context of value . . . perhaps, just perhaps, if one loves this enough then the $100 savings for a refill at an official LV boutique might work, but this will only be when an individual has found something worthy of recycling through their collection. I believe for some people it is. Undoubtedly. Then again, for others who need not be sold any further on niche prestige – let alone their own subscriptions to LV itself as both a brand and lifestyle – this will be less of philosophical jump. And for those with socio-economic clout there will be no mental exercise to justify the acquisition. Lucky them!

Regarding the question of originality as viewed in the context of the ineluctable scent profile? Yes, those possessing a much stronger grasp of the history of perfumery than myself can effortlessly list inspirations for L’Immensité. Paco Rabanne Pour Homme (1973), a slight reference to Azzaro Pour Homme (1976) but definitely without the leather and oakmoss, and some combination of a few Acqua di Giô editions by Giorgio Armani. And damn straight that list could include something more modern such as Bleu de Chanel (2010) and Dior Sauvage (2015) because of the flirtations with freshy + Ambroxan. Maybe this is the elite version of Sauvage? I dunno. I don’t really want to go there. From my limited vantage point this appears more of a fresh reference to the 1990s where, to be honest, where they were then youthful there now exists a mid-career demographic for whom this naturally might appeal and, moreover, have arrived at that stage in life where they could splurge for this, amongst other class-conscious markers of their bourgeois dynastic pretensions.

From the initial blast there is excitement and something that sparkles. Non-existent is that alcohol false start that you need to wait for before things click. From the outset L’Immensité is present and strong. The opening feels fresh and fruity, the ginger and grapefruit feel real, boisterous and unimagined by some synthetic Frankensteining. Someone I know who shares my love of the scent charms from Hermès loves Twilly d’Hermès (2017) whose ginger profile I’ve never been able to wrap my head around. I’m not normally of an appreciative nose for ginger outside of the medicinal and Thai cuisine. What we are offered here is a “pickled ginger” but I can assure you that it doesn’t swerve towards something sour or too pungent; this is controlled and balanced with the juicy grapefruit that (mostly) disavows any bitter traces, as well as a tart bergamot that I detect that adds to the obligatory masculine freshness. These top notes (ginger, juicy grapefruit, citrus) are the most exciting and memorable. The opening is generous and invigorating. Indeed, hold the opening dear, for it’s exciting and remains for a while. A dry none-too-sour freshness and a water note help to create something reminiscent of sporty and a little aquatic. This fragrance is not a rush towards the base and, ultimately, the finish line. There is Ambroxan, yes, but unlike Sauvage (2015) this is no Ambroxan bomb crater that envelops everything in place and ultimately directs this journey. It’s a more subtle saucer. The labdanum encourages a smooth undertone that warms the other ingredients like rocks on a windy bank in the Mediterranean sun. Only slightly musky. Something else that is dry and spicy holds itself close to the rocks and perhaps that is the sage and rosemary, though the blending of this is so expertly done that my nose fails to detect those individual notes. And finally the shorter leash on the Ambroxan and the lovely laddanum allow the amber to fulfill one of the most qualified and ideal amber balancing effects I’ve witnessed in a long time. While the amber and labdanum are pushed down more, the constant hover of ginger all work together to keep it warm – this ensures a base of resinous wood and all the assurances of a masculine countenance. Nothing full sporty, nothing full aquatic. Sillage is good and longevity comes in at a respectable 5-6 hours on my skin.

L’Immensité opens beautifully. Carries and asserts itself beautifully. Dries down beautifully. An image for this scent is walking on a dry hot day along a rocky path metres above the sea. The rocks have been bathed white in the unrelenting sun for a millennia and there is a low foliage that has managed to survive there. The wind bores through the rocky face of this hill and carries with it a delightfully warm, spicy accord. The sunny sparkle of the water in the distance below brings an inviting zest to the equation. Yes, this feels Mediterranean but not the bright citrus along its shores like a Neroli Portofino (2007). Rather, the location here is a dry landscape above its water, but whose placement I couldn’t guess. Nothing is fleeting, everything feels timeless. Noble invigoration.

Sure, a wee bit of a crowd pleaser.

Fresh, aromatic, spicy, decidedly masculine with a heritage scent profile deserving of a reboot from any house. There is a substantial quality to L’Immensité. But now it’s time to pay the piper and the question of price/value invariably persists. Not unlike Creed who arguably prior to Aventus, issued elite renditions of seminal (and current!) works, LV is following the same playbook here. Is this a bad thing? – I don’t know. But when critical crunch time arrives it must be stated that any worthy criticism should surely be amortized across other brands who have done the same (cough, cough . . . Parfums de Marly and sometimes Frederic Malle). Let us be fair.

I laboured quite a bit with rating this and knew what I was up against. Yes, it would be so easy to be utterly dismissive from an antiquated fraghead perspective and thusly accord it a negative rating. After all, a grasp of perfume heritage is itself noble and welcomed, as I have respectfully learned in all of my readings on Basenotes. Lacking originality, borrowing historically under the assumption that some high-quality note edits would justifiably lift this to respectability, and vaulting this into upper echelon niche pricing, all are enough credible points from the “I object!” side. But something here wouldn’t be fair, if not even somewhat disingenuous, for this exercise could only be mounted with eyes wide shut. I might even say it could be a kneejerk reaction from the fraghead hostile-ites. In this light this would be patently unfair. Regardless this is a conundrum and, as such, perhaps a neutral rating is more reliable. There will be a struggle with this one and for that I applaud the honesty.

Because this is my review and I am not beholden to the measure of expectations or trials of others. I can give my take: To me L’Immensité is undeniably a luxurious – albeit unoriginal – fragrance that deserves to be considered alongside its current and historical specimens of this scent profile. Yet it clearly does not just couple together these previously established profiles with an inherently insane price tag; instead the quality of the ingredients is undeniably high and the experience noteworthy. This is a beautifully-blended concoction that keeps inviting your nose to your forearm time and again throughout the day to appreciate said ingredients. If anything, this is a respectable shout-out to an established heritage and nothing about the manner in which it is presented or marketed suggests that LV and Jacques Cavallier were trying to mislead us. It can be embraced for quality’s sake on an already established platform, not unlike any number of ready-made commodities who shift the everyman into a lap of luxury. One could say this is analogous to a mid-range Mercedes-Benz C-Class (C300, for example) prior to the AMG performance arm of the company preying upon it for dizzying levels of performance and luxury upgrades, hence the AMG C63 S saloon. In that regard, the AMG division made its name by taking the underpinnings in order to produce something that invited more luxurious exterior and interior appointments, in addition to a notable crank in horsepower. If that is too much hyperbole then perhaps a Toyota pumpkin becoming a Lexus lion is easier on the conscience.

In the end I give this one a neutral rating and this is not due to matters of originality, it is not due to matters of what has been borrowed or what is deemed generic, and it is certainly not a reactionist discord with the perceived haughtiness of the LV house. Rather, in the end it MUST come down to, yes, the insane price in this consideration. Where I live it costs $290. Were it priced at, say, $180 I might view the 60% surcharge for the otherwise excellent ingredients as worth it when compared to similar fragrances. However, here’s the rub: For those individuals who sample and love I’Immensite to the point it might eventually warrant a second bottle, then suddenly this approaches a positive rating. Why? – because at a stated refill cost of $190 this then falls into the parameter I imagined above for a positive rating. Regardless, I eagerly suggest to the curious to kindly request a sample of l’Immensite and decide for yourself what might lie ahead for you. In conclusion, try it in case this runs with the classic steeds for you. Just start somewhere. Decant worthy at least.

Price be damned but it’s damned good.

Aug 15, 2019

Wow this is designer mediocrity.
A whisker above generic with a hint of aquatic. Reminds me of much cheaper and better value Loewe.
The notes have been described below , it upsets me too much to think how much this costs to waste more threadspace here.
This would as such be a fine cheapo.
But its super expensive. Shame on you, riding on your name. Don't be a designer victim! $30 for 2 ml? $400 for 100 ml? The joke's on you!
Seriously if you like this kind of thing Loewe do it much better. I have reviewed most of them.

Fragrance: 6.75/10
Projection: 6.5/10
Longevity: 7/10
Jul 8, 2019

A sort of raised and higher class version of AdG and Bulgari PH from the same perfumer. Personally I wish Mr Cavallier had gone down the M7 Fresh and Rive Gauche path but I doubt he had the choice.

Still a very nice and long lasting masculine that seems fresher than the notes hint at.

Not exactly groundbreaking but reassuring nevertheless that these type of out and out 'male' fragrances are still being funded.
Apr 12, 2019

Call me crazy but I find this smells much like the old Michael Jordan cologne. Not that that’s a bad thing, I get transported back to the 3rd grade by smelling this and love it. But you could spend 1/10th the price of this and end up with something similar.
Jan 26, 2019

A good bit of sharp, zesty ginger and grapefruit in the opening. That continues through into the drydown. It didn't develop much from the opening notes on my skin but it does have good projection and staying power.

Best way to describe it after wearing is that it has elements of Aqva Amara and AdG. Combine those two and take out some of the screechy ocean notes and this smells kind of like that.
Aug 19, 2018

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