Lime, Basil & Mandarin fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lime, mandarin, bergamot
  • Heart

    • basil, lilac, iris, white thyme
  • Base

    • patchouli, vetiver, amberwood

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Like walking along the edge of a brook barefoot on a dappled forest floor and finding an lime tree. From the opening this is photorealistically natural. It has a real sharp zesty smack of lime, the herbal / peppery edge of basil, the freshness of the bergamot, and that bewitching sweetness which evokes mandarin orange. Inviting and calmingly woodsy underneath with notes of vetiver, sweet patchouli, wet earth.

In fact the basil and vetiver work together beautifully with the lime and mandarin and give it a depth. There is nothing synthetic about itperfectly unisex but i suppose that Amelie Poulain might like it. Cheerful, quirky and a lots of fun. Perfect in it's simplicity, and a real delight on a hot day.
10th May 2021
Clear. Fresh. Nice herbal thing. Lightly bitter citrus. A basic green-citrus scent - not overly original. It's pleasant enough though. Never offends. Safe for workplaces, probably even if over-sprayed... Smells like an herbal, candy drop or lozenge, as it fades.
12th April 2020

[b]Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone[/b]
[b]Category:[/b] Hybrid of Category 2 and 3 (EDC/Bright Citrus)
[b]Rating[/b]: 3/5
[b]Longevity[/b]: 2/5

When I think of this house, I think of this fragrance, even though we own two Jo Malones at the Kotori household and neither are this. It's been copied ad nauseum and turned into copycat candles and probably even something at Bath and Body Works. I'm very familiar; it's ubiquitous. I used to adore it back when I could have never justified its cost. Now I'm exploring it for real, since I always pass it by when I'm at a counter, looking for what's new. I love the basil! I grow basil every summer and I put it in everything we eat during the hottest months. It's cooling and fragrant, and the note here is obvious now that I'm looking for it. I used to think the basil made it masculine, but I am not getting that at all today. Unisex. It even sours the citrus notes enough to make them interesting. A fruity citrus with a basil underpinning that recalls the rosemary/cypress/geranium/etc. in an EDC, but is tongue in cheek about it. Unfortunately, it's quite fleeting, with the interesting bits being gone at around an hour. Note: may cause headache.
12th January 2020
What a beauty. I'm not surprised it's their most popular one. Very fresh and uplifting, with aromatic twist. Great for summer. Great for anyone. Too bad it's so fleeting - would be amazing to smell it all day.
14th October 2019
Easily one of the most popular scent in Jo Malone's collection. Lime, Basil & Mandarin is a delightful citrus-spicy-green fragrance which is at once simple in concept, yet it works so well...alone or mixed with other scents.

Fragrance notes are many in this one...
Top notes: lime, mandarin orange, bergamot
Middle notes: basil, lilac, iris, thyme
Base notes: patchouli, vetiver

This one is a lime-centered, refreshing aromatic experience that benefits greatly from the supporting notes. It has depth when you close your eyes and really concentrate on what is going on inside: Sure, the edible basil leaf is there, as is the dominant lime and some mandarin to add juiciness; but then there's the subtleties of thyme herb, with its phenolic spicy and leathery quality; the scintilla of powdery sweet iris; and of course the base with sweet mossy vetiver and patchouli.

Layering it with other Jo Malone scents can help to reinforce / inhibit aspects of LB&M, depending on what you'd like the final product to smell like. I personally did not try to do that, but I see how the sales rep at the Nordstrom that I was visiting encouraged it of Jo Malone scents in general.

Overall, Lime, Basil & Mandarin is a rather exhilarating, warm weather appropriate scent that both men and women can enjoy. Give it a try for sure!
5th October 2018
Very interesting aromatic blend of lime, basil, and mandarin orange. Mostly it's the lime and basil though. It has very tart citrus (lime with a hint of bitter orange) and is green in character. It oddly reminds me of the aroma I'd expect to smell in a greenhouse. It reminds me a lot of what the Herbology professor in the Harry Potter series would probably smell like, and is unlike any citrus fragrance I've smelled before. Sillage is moderate leaning strong on my skin while longevity is surprisingly good with 4 hours of good projection and many more hours as a skin scent after that. The really nice thing with this fragrance is that the lime not persists well into the drydown, which is unique as far as the lime note is concerned. Basil & Neroli remains my favourite from the Jo Malone line, but this is also pretty good. Also, it kind of resembles Dior's Eau Sauvage but without the leather note, with lime instead of lemon, and with way better longevity/performance. It's a scent that you won't like as much right away but will grow on you for what it does.

19th July 2018
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