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'Sunny musk'

Lilylang has a radiant character and does not hide its cozy musk side. If Lilylang was a color it would be yellow. This garland of solar flowers is enhanced by one of the most noble flowers of perfumery, jasmine, which adds a radiant and sensual touch. I also wanted to illuminate it with a smile of exotic lime and by the freshness of the pink berries of Madagascar. A remembrance of my holidays in the Reunion Islands where I discovered ylang-ylang, the solar flower par excellence. I wanted a smell of skin and sand mixed and heated by the sun.

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Reviews of Lilylang by Sylvaine Delacourte

There are 4 reviews of Lilylang by Sylvaine Delacourte.

This opens with bergamot, pink pepper & a white floral accord laid over a lot of white musk. l don't get any lime or mandarin. lt quickly goes from crisp & clean to a darker, woody-spicy feel. The floral notes aren't easy to pick out until around two hours in, & they're mostly dominated by the tropical note of ylang ylang. As it dries down, l increasingly detect the scent of hot skin drenched in milky suntan lotion, minus the coconut that's usually associated with beachy fragrances. Later on, there's a mineral note which could be interpreted as sand, & seven hours in it's still going softly.

l expected more of a Big White Floral here, but the jasmine & tuberose don't stand out enough to put it into this category. lt is a nice beachy perfume though, & the woody notes make it somewhat similar to Bronze Goddess. l think it would work well in cooler weather, too.
Jul 26, 2020

It's weird to be wearing this in the middle of winter as this is the epitome of a tropical suntan lotion floral. It opens with a burst of bright bergamot and lime, quickly followed by a sweet ylang, thickened with tuberose. To my nose, this falls in the same category as Terracotta and Bronze Goddess, although the coconut is notably absent in this floral, which I appreciate, as it keeps a freshness that many coconut florals are sorely lacking. There's musk in here, but it's not too prominent.

I like this a lot and will keep this sample for summer.
Nov 21, 2019

Delacourte – LilyLang (2017)

With this name, one expects Lily and Ylang Ylang, does one not? No fear, no lily in sight. Might just as well have named it LimeLang or JasmineLang for that matter.

By any other names, it would still smell as …..well, a mélange.

Ylang with its banana butter effect is prominent. A coconut accord also. I am not getting tuberose, rose or jasmine, or indeed any of the three citrus scents. This really does not matter, as what I do get (the banana and the coconut) make this a tropical scent, which seems just perfect for the currently upper nineties temperatures we are experiencing in the North East this month.

The musk is pleasant but a bit too oppressive for this heat. In winter months it would most probably be just fine.

LilyLang may have its perfect incarnation as a body lotion, as opposed to an eau de parfum.

Very nice, though not outstanding. A decent little scent that makes no demands, but simply is.
Jul 21, 2019

Extremely feminine. Short burst of bergamot, then a stampede of mandarin, jasmine, lots of musk, ylang, and rose. Emphasis on musk. Later, this floral perfume actually reminds me of an accord of heliotrope, powdery iris, and violet although none of these notes are actually here. This is a powdered sugar, candied flower event. Very girly girl.
Oct 9, 2018

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