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A very sheer & soft lily fragrance, slightly woody & indolic in the opening, with the lightest touch of spice. The most interesting part comes at around the three hour mark, when it's dried down to the distinct "wet stone" note of petrichor. Sadly though, the projection is so low that I have to put nose to skin in order to smell anything, & six hours in it's pretty much gone.
A pleasant enough fragrance, but the performance is annoyingly poor. Another miss from this house for me.
30th May 2017
Genre: Floral

Woo hoo! Ever stick your nose into a Casablanca lily? Well, you don't have to, now that Penhaligon's Lily & Spice is on the market. To this old gardener's nose, Lily & Spice is and extraordinarily accurate rendition of the unique oriental lily note. Whether or not you like the fragrance depends entirely on how you feel about the scent of oriental lilies. Some people can't tolerate it, and won't bring the cut flowers into the house. If you're one of them, you don't need to bother with this scent.

Me, I love that heady lily smell, and I'm very glad to find such a natural-smelling liquid facsimile. The lily here is more pure than that in Lys Mediterranee, undiluted by the Malle scent's bright citrus, and far greener and drier than Serge Lutens's ethereal Un Lys. It's potent stuff, but never cloying or oppressive. It's mostly linear until it fades into a very light and pretty vanilla skin scent. That's just fine by me, since I like it well enough just the way it starts out. In fact, the worst thing I can say about Lily & Spice is that its longevity is fairly modest. Nice stuff!
19th June 2014

I just love and adore this, plain and simple. I can't analyse it or proselytise about it, it just had me at 'hello'. I hate the idea of having to state which scent I'd save in a fire, or take to a desert island with me, but this would probably be it. It's as though I didn't choose it - it chose me. I think it's been discontinued!! :-(
17th February 2013
The first part is really natural, green, cool and botanic with (as said) a realistic smell of spicy lily and its  typical green-floral, projecting, lymphatic and almost aromatic whiff. The smell is nearly sparkling because of the aromatic-pungent chord of cloves, saffron and pepper. A touch of hesperides and a sheer patchouli shadow the smell enhancing its importance and royal temperament. With time the aroma tames its hispid sharpness morphing in to a warmer musky-floral-vanilla outcome that is less angular but not too much soapy or linear. The scent is pleasant, well balanced and elegant with its touch of british style and Victorian reminiscences. I appreciate a lot the smell of romantic lily in parfumery, dozens are the fragrances with lily in composition that i love, from Fracas to Ungaro III, passing through Equipage, Salvador Dali for Man and Heritage. I like so much the muguet in Diorissimo and Lys Mediterranee by Malle (mostly lily, citrus  and musk). Lily &Spice is slightly more spicy-dark but less green and less floral than its cousin Lily of the Valley  by Penhaligons. The Lily & Spice's dry down is tamed but not powdery as happens in other feminine lily fragrances and the fragrance in its complex is not too much floral as happens for Diorissimo (with its hyper floral soul of muguet, rose and jasmine), not as heady as happens in a great lily fragrance as Molinard's Les Fleurs de Provance: Muguet. A more than pleasant spicy-floral scent anyway.
7th January 2012
One of the white flower fragrances that does not turn stale on my skin.

very elegant and feminine and the cinnamon gives a little twist so you wont smell like a flowershop :) It is then one of those warm florals
16th September 2011
This scent was love at first sniff for me! It has an oldfashion feeling I adore! The beautiful lily goes very well with the "spices". I only have a sample, but am hoping to find a whole botle.
11th June 2011
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