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Lily Prune (2001)

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Reviews of Lily Prune Sublime Vanilla by Lily Prune

There are 2 reviews of Lily Prune Sublime Vanilla by Lily Prune.

I'd love it if I were 12, and I won't mind it smells not that vanilla-ish as its name suggests.It starts very foody with notes of plum and maybe sour cherry. When it settles down, the smell is quite soft and comfortable. Plum and cherry are my favourite even though my body chemistry often over-hightlight these notes and makes it smells too sticky. well, I think it's because I am too old to wear this and always imagine if I were 10 years younger, things might be different(don't tell me if I'm wrong) ...Anyway, the stuff is for teenage girls and only costs you no more then 10 dollars, I think it's already done its best. No one expects it could smell as subtle and graceful as products from Herme's, right?
Jun 15, 2008

Huh? This is a way bizarre scent. No vanilla exists in it as best I can tell; honestly, it smells of not very good roses, pretty bad musk and - totally serious here - prunes. It has a raisiny, sticky feel to it, with the prune/raisin note coming close to that in Comptoir Sud Pacifique's Princesse Muscat (formerly Coeur de Raisin) though the CSP's is much nicer, much more like good quality red wine as opposed to Lily Prune's slight Eau de Thunderbird. When I tried it on, I was completely puzzled and then repelled; no vanilla in the topnotes, none in the drydown and none to be found anywhere at all. And it was a long anywhere to boot; this stuff has staying power like nobody's business and the bad, men's cologne-y musk only gains fortitude over time. I'm still trying to figure this one out after looking up the notes - how can a composition of white rose, peony, milky notes, musk and amber add up to vanilla? I guess only Ms. Prune herself knows the answer to that!
Sep 26, 2005

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