Reviews of Ligno by Jeroboam

Oud, pepper, white spirit or thinner... That's what I get here in the opening. Settles down into a dark, black mess of musk and some (kitchen) spices. With elements of the opening that keep lingering.

As a rule of thumb, most reviewers on here that are reviewing scents and brands that barely anyone has heard of, are fans of these atypical, middle finger to everyone scents. Mostly, these scents are not crowd pleasers at all, in fact they will put off most people. As does Ligno by Jeroboam.

It's just for an outlier of an outlier of people. Which makes me re-think niche as a whole.

Where would this scent fit in? Maybe a house party of a group of goth/emo friends? As a room scent? In general, for 99% of ppl this scent is just a no go.

5th February 2022
Patch bomb!!
I love the note of Patchouli and this is a good blend of earthy dry Patch mixed with heavy husks... smells very informal but good thro the colder months.
Lasts all day or evening too.

Scent 8.9-10
Performance 8.5-10
Silage 7.7-10
7th January 2022

Mystic connection of sulphureous patchouli (earthy, narcotic, humid, ancestral), woodsy/aromatic cistus (the black forest), pheromonal ambergris (the resinous/organic hot side of the ocean), animalic castoreum and enigmatic musks (the same sensual musky base for every Jeroboam perfume), everything introduced by a tad of aromatic hesperides and encompassed by a spicy green dark/rosey blanket (rose and supposedly bitter/leafy geranium). The patchouli lording all over the most part of the others around, an absolute must have, an over the top creation for ambergris/patch's fanatics straight from the talented alchemist Vanina Muracciole. Absolutely a great great creation, one of the best of this Jeroboam-line, with its hesperidic-earthy-piney aromatic top, the peppery/rooty ambergris-founded core and its warm seductive musky base. Not so distant in smell (at list for a part of the run) from the great vintage (and greener/drier) Etro Patchouly (which is a more baroque - and vintage in style - creation with a sharper more classic dry down), just something more modern, more rounded, muskier, darker and stronger on ambergris and sensual muskiness. A straightforwardly masculine creation imo. Launced along 2019, Jeroboam Ligno is significantly influenced by patchouli throughout. Initially this woody royal note is piney/grassy/rooty/boisé with a tad of aromatic/citric-fougère elements (wet and minty-balsamic) and hints of smokiness. Clary sage, orris root (rooty, damp and wet) and geranium enhance the sharp (vaguely minty) freshness of this introducing stage. As long as the central stage starts disclosing its doors, a warm kind of salty/organic ambergris envelops the rootiness with its dark erotic warm organic mantle, creating a perfect harmony complemented by warm soothing spicy (saffron, pepper) musks. At this stage a saturnine spectral transilvanian Count opens his dark mantle and drags us down in the depth of his hellish abysses. Lot (really a lot) of saffron. Spiciness keeps growing up higher and higher with a quite dominant saffron (saffron is dominant along with patchouli and ambergris). A sort of vaguely chocolatey/rubbery (fir resins) nuance gradually replaces the initial (anyway still working) patchouli's rootiness till the end of the trip. I suppose a tad of vetiver is included in the blend (enhancing the well calibrated saltiness and the rootiness) while tonka bean provides hints of perfectly appointed soft mildness. This fragrance hooks up all the patchouli's "baroquisms" and projects/advances those ahead in a futuristic post-metallurgical suburban ambiences (something almost abysmal and sidereal as in a Zdzisław Beksiński's demonic painting).
A modern (super elegant but futuristic) take on animalic patchouli for us, an urban mysterious (more than vaguely "vampiric") creation perfect for metropolitan wanderers of post industrial dodgy districts, peaceless night-time transhumants and blood-suckers of the gigantic suburbia. Simply a perfect creation.

31st October 2021