Light my Fire 
By Kilian (2014)

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Light my Fire by By Kilian

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Light my Fire is a shared scent launched in 2014 by By Kilian

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Reviews of Light my Fire by By Kilian

There are 12 reviews of Light my Fire by By Kilian.

After a bold opening with a sweet tobacco, honey, light smoke and sort of a boozy aroma, it calms pretty quickly. The tobacco is very nicely done and it plays well with the woody green patchouli and vetiver. It's a comforting scent and will stay mostly linear and barely lingering above the skin ending in honied tobacco with dried hay.

My preferred honeyed tobacco scent (I also have Back to Black and used to own Tobacco Vanille). Not too cloying, the opening is a green woody blast with hay prevailing in the background. The tobacco being very soft almost to the point of being unnoticeable. It dries down vanilla sweetness which I find it very fresh for this genre.

One that isn't for everyone, but it's one that I personally love.

Lightly green,honeyed tobacco that turns into a nice woody incense fragrance. Projection and longevity is average. Overpriced as usual with Kill an fragrances. 7.5/10

A little sweet, somewhat mature, and then also kinda weird.

Starts out interesting with a burning smell mixed with some sweetness and freshness. Later, the drydown has the patchouli and vanilla, so it keeps that sweet and mature vibe going. I'm also getting a soapy-barbershop smell in there as well.

Performs well with good projection and longevity.

The perfect white ash
And the smell that went with it
Were never this good.

Light My Fire By Kilian strikes the odd balance of calling to mind the spicy, smoky ignition of a fire while simultaneously being a bright, sweet tobacco scent in its own right. I get some of the green notes mainly at the top, and it settles into more of a sweet tobacco in the heart and dry down. I don't get a strictly vanilla sweetness, which makes sense, with honey as a listed note. The spiciness is a combination of the patchouli, vetiver, and most all, cumin. An interesting mix for sure, as it's unoffensive in that's neither too spicy nor too herby/vegetable-like. A nice balance is struck among he various accords.

This isn't a top performer, being moderate in terms of projection and longevity, and thus more difficult to fathom at the typical By Kilian price ($260 for 50ml). Still, an interesting scent and interpretation of sweet tobacco genre.

7 out of 10

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