Light Blue pour Homme Swimming in Lipari fragrance notes

    • grapefruit, sea salt accord

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Refreshing, pleasurable rework of the original Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana.

Most recently, I wore this on a balmy, spring day. Swimming in Lipari lasted ALL day on me, and it stayed even and pleasant the whole time. It really felt like I was walking on the beach, smelling ocean salt through hazy weather alongside the refreshing water.

The citrus and petitgrain elements remained steady throughout the entire day on me, providing a calm presence amidst the humid and overcast spring day that was the backdrop of my busy schedule.

Swimming in Lipari is a nice flanker worthy of testing, esp. if you'd like to try a neat rethink of the original D&G Light Blue pour Homme.

18th December 2016
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Swimming in Lipari is a saltier marine take on the original Light Blue. A very pleasant citrus/marine opening makes way to an oddly salty dry down. Projection and longevity aren't special but it's a neat departure, albeit not as clean as the original. Still, the dry down is slightly prohibitive in that it's salty but slightly stale/rotten, not refined like the dry down of Every Storm a Serenade. Mediocre on the whole but worth trying if you are optimistic.

4 out of 10
2nd February 2016