Light Blue Love is Love fragrance notes

  • Head

    • italian lemon, granny smith apple, red berries
  • Heart

    • raspberry gelato, jasmine
  • Base

    • chantilly accord, musk, cedarwood, amber

Latest Reviews of Light Blue Love is Love

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Comparing this to the original Light Blue, it's sweeter, softer and more floral. Doesn't have near as much of that bright orange citrus of the original. As it dries down, they become closer but still different.

Overall, Love is Love is very pleasing, younger, and more playful than the original. Although they have similarities, I would not say owning both is redundant. Love is Love could also be a bit more versatile as this could be worn in cooler weather as well. The sweetness is of the cotton-candy/BR540 variety.

Performance is solid with light but persistent projection and all day longevity.
7th July 2020