Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino fragrance notes

    • Lychee, ambrette seed, amber, patchouli

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Dreaming in Portofino is part of a Light Blue vacation/spa fragrance line. This one is their aquatic scent. While unobjectionable it is very difficult to tell it apart from any number of light blue airy aquatics. It's best quality is that it is not too ozonic or synthetic smelling, so it's a good safe bet. There is also a bit of iris in this, so it has a light dusty hay type sheen to the clean air. And oh yes, a light musk in the dry down, surprise. If I were on vacation, discovered the perfumes I brought along were all wrong and too heavy, and saw this one in the hotel store, I wouldn't have qualms about picking it up. This fragrance is the definition of safe. You will always fit in. But I would never chase after it.
I tested the two feminine fragrances in this line next to the Dior Cruise Collection fragrances, and the Dior collection won hands down. The Diors were more sophisticated, subtle and interesting. The Light Blues seemed almost clumsy in comparison, a little more obvious.
10th April 2015