Light Blue fragrance notes

  • Head

    • granny smith apple, sicilian cedar, bluebells
  • Heart

    • jasmine, white rose, bamboo
  • Base

    • cedarwood, amber, musks

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To me, this is a combination of familiar perfume tropes. It's got the fresh green mix of neroli and vetiver made famous by Mugler Cologne or Creed's Original Vetiver. It's got an artificial apple candy smell, as well as a mix of "beachy" chemicals that reminds me of both that 90's marine note and a 00's salty calone overdose. The overall vibe is sweet, salty, and artificial, like layer upon layer of ubiquitous aromachemicals that are extremely familiar from cleaning products and cheap air fresheners, so it smells generically "clean".

Here and now, it's hard to examine Light Blue seriously as a work of perfume art - any edge or creativity this showed when new has long faded, but as a mass-market odor, it performs just fine, though I suspect I could find a toilet cleaner or gas station car freshener that smells like this by now.
11th January 2022
So very disappointing : the light fragrance lasts barely 10 minutes, if that.
I loved it in the store and asked for it as a gift for Christmas.
It has virtually NO longevity.
4th January 2022

Smelled nice at first, but got sick of it after about 15 minutes and wanted to wash it off. I felt like I smelled like a Cosmopolitan magazine from 15 years ago.

As far as notes, I don't mind the citrus/lemon, but the apple/pear was too much for me. It was a little sharp without much depth to round it out and ground it. I like scents with a hint of warmth or spiciness, and this didn't have that. With a name like Light Blue I expected that, but thought I'd give a refreshing summer fragrance a try vs. my usual moody, earthy, woody fragrances.

That said, if someone else wore this fragrance, I wouldn't be offended. I just don't want to smell it on myself all day.
18th June 2021
This review is for a carded sample of the EDT. My sample has been kept in a cool, dark place but it is about four years old.

My first impression is of soap. A tart green apple and a bar of soap. Light, fresh, clean.

It develops a sort of aquatic vibe after about 30 minutes, and I'm reminded of Acqua di Gio. And soft white flowers. A cool breeze, like an early Spring morning. The jasmine is light and very chaste.

I think men could wear this easily. It belongs somewhere on the CK One spectrum for sure.

Use it with a light hand for the office. It's only an EDT but it's quite strong.

Not my cup of tea in general but I can certainly understand why people like it.
7th March 2021
On a trip to the drugstore, they had the "inspired by" scents on sale. I'm always looking for new scents, and $5 is a cheap way of sampling when I can't get to the store. Picked up the Light Blue dupe in rollerball and was pleasantly surprised. My wife liked it as well, so I picked up the real thing, which we share. This is a light, pleasant acquatic scent with minimal sillage but decent longevity that I enjoy right out of the shower on a warm day.
28th May 2020
Overall: 2/5
Sillage: 2/5
Longevity: 3/5

Good if you wake up one day wanting to smell a bit like citrus, greens, sun, and sea-breeze. Definitely perfect for a summer scent.

Safe and inoffensive, but has a distinct smell that you know everyone else has smelled like at one point in their life.

Dries down to an almost powdery, yet citrus scent for me, but before it settles, it's mostly a salty and citrus scent that just won't have me reaching for it.

Decent sillage with above-average wear
1st December 2019
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