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There is a definite note of panties here - some love it, some cannot stand it.
12th August 2011
I found this on a clearance table the other day and picked it up. I'm still deciding what I think about it...I've only worn it twice so far...

For the most part, I enjoy it. Initially I get the passion fruit, pineapple, and about that order. Interesting mix of floral & fruit, and something, well, something else...

There is something about it that turns me off, just a little, and I can't figure out what it is exactly. It persists from the opening notes all the way to the base notes, and I've never smelled this in another perfume. If I had to come up with adjectives to describe this elusive note that I can't deciper, it would be musty (NOT to be mistaken with musky) and spicy mixed together. Maybe even clothes that got wet and dried naturally. It baffles me, as none of the notes listed even hint at this.

I'm going to keep wearing it and see if I "fall" for it. It lasts awhile (about six hours on me) and I agree completely with others that have said it's very difficult to classify. I'm glad I got a good deal on it!

28th March 2011

Hmmm... where to begin? I was so excited to try this scent based on the feedback and reviews posted here, as well as based on the actual notes of the fragrance, for I do love grapefruit in fragrances! It was definitely NOT what I expected, and I wanted so much for this to be my next signature scent.... By no means is this fragrance disagreeable! There is something so pleasant and delicious about it, but it just does not suit me (age (23) or personality). As I researched the fragrance, as mentioned previously, the inspirations for this fragrance was the history of the English Monarchy. Ironically, I should have taken greater head to this, as they did an amazing job encompassing all that I could imagine an English Victorian-era Classic perfume scent would smell like. And it's exactly this perfume!!! Going along with it's daring side, as suggested by the name, it specifically makes me think of a classic Victorian-era courtesan (corsets and cleavage). It smells good! I cannot stop sniffing it, but there are aspects about it, probably due to the most primal classic-Victorian nature of the fragrance, that I initially think of something my Grandma would wear (powdery-floral notes). Other aspects however are more appropriate for a mature woman or motherly figure (warm, and deeper spicy notes). The bouquet of classic florals that I smell in this fragrance, coupled with the powdery scents I pick up, is what makes me think classic Victorian, most classic "perfume" you could imagine. And part of the spice and fruits mixed with florals spurs the notions or cleavage and corsets. So basically, they did a phenomenal job in portraying their inspiration, this fragrance is just too old for me.To break down the dry-down:On paper the scent remains fresh (citrus) and "soapy" clean smelling for a good 3-4 hours, but on my wrist the freshness and fruits only lasted about 30 seconds. It progresses to something very spicy and deep on my skin (0-3 hours), which was intriguing, but reminded me of something heavier that my mom likes to wear (Ysatis by Givenchy). So I was going to see if she wanted it. But after about 3-5 hours, it starts to break down to a more subtle powdery scent (thoughts of grandma creeping in). This is the point where it starts to smell like the image I would have of a classic English Victorian-era fragrance, mixed with cleavage and corsets, remaining this way for 4-8 hours. As I was testing it out, I asked my family what they thought this scent (both in their 50's), however, it was during it's more Victorian courtesan reminiscent stage, and this is their comments:Mom - "Smells like Grandma"Dad - "Makes me see cleavage...a very mature woman and cleavage. I like it!"Unfortunately this scent is not for me, and I will not be wearing it. But at the same time it is quite alurring. I am using it in my langerie drawer. :-)Hope this helps.
4th April 2010
I read in a review that Libertine was reminiscent of a French aristocrat on his way to his next naughty adventure. No more needed saying! My interest was piqued and I had to sample this. (The Boudoir flanker called Boudoir Jouy is supposedly an homage to Madame de Pompadour...just look at the toile-inspired bottle image.)Some reviewers state that Libertine is a sweet scent, but it is more on the fruity side than sweet. When I think of sweet, I think "vanilla" and gourmands--and this is not a gourmand. The top note of what seems to be a spice hits me as rather unpleasant at first then the drydown starts into the fruits. It is worth the wait. The middle notes of flowers are the best part of this scent. I adore florals and the viburnum is very subtle and lovely. The drydown is likewise subtle. The very (I hesitate to gender label) masculine basenotes end, for me, with patchouli predominating. Oddly, some people perceive this as feminine while others sense a more masculine tone. I each his own. I can, however, see this as a very gender-neutral floral scent.As sensual and strong as Anglomania might be (which I adore) and as "skanky" as Boudoir is reputed to be (which I have yet to try)...this scent by the rocking Vivienne Westwood fashion house is not controversial as one would expect. It is not a "deep" scent to inspire luxe eroticism as the in-your-face marketing of the likes of Agent Provocateur (French name, but oddly, an English company owned by the son of Vivienne Westwood) or Fifi Chachnil. Sadly, this is only available as an eau de toilette and it is very light. Therefore, a good summer scent. Perhaps an eau de parfum would make me happier.
7th January 2010
I bought this on a whim without trying it first, and I'm glad that I did. First, judging by the fact that this is by Vivienne Westwood, I'm guessing this was supposed to be edgy and provocative. If that's what you were expecting, then you will probably be disappointed. Personally, I've been looking for a scent that is inoffensive enough to wear casually, yet deeper and darker than the average fresh fruity/floral variant -- for this purpose, Libertine really fits the bill. It's definitely got a hit of bright fruitiness, especially in the beginning, followed by distinct but non-overpowering florals. Finally, a bit like a dark secret underneath it all, is the warm and moody base. The first thing it reminded me of was a watered-down, palatable version of YSL's Opium (turns out they have quite a few notes in common). The sillage isn't strong enough to leave a "trail", yet 5-6 hours in, people sitting near me could still catch whiffs of it. This strikes me more as a unisex scent, with a slight bias towards the masculine side. It will most probably not satisfy your cravings for a complex chypre, but if you're just looking for something casual with a twist, you should give it a try.
31st July 2009
Sweet? Yes. Fruity? Yes. Chypre? Really? I guess so. I was just so distracted by the sweet and the fruity. But then, as others have led me to understand, almost all of my favorite fragrances turn out to be greenies, so I take green notes for granted.Libertine is one of those nearly drinkable juices that the throat longs to absorb. You might say that what Miss Dior Cherie is to strawberry, Libertine is to tropical fruit.Of the green scents currently my wardrobe, the spectrum progresses from sweetest to driest thusly: Libertine, Molinard de Molinard, Nanadebary Green, AbdesSalaam Oak Moss, Jean-Louis Scherrer.
5th July 2009
Libertine begins with a fresh and frosty lily floral, reminiscent of Estee Lauder's Pleasures or even Ralph Lauren's Pure Turquoise. As it warms on the skin, an amber accord appears, sort of fleshy, like Chantilly. Libertine sweetens and sparkles, remaining feminine and interesting throughout it's duration. For my own taste, it gets a little bit cloying, but don't let my quirky nose put you off this one, it's definitely worth trying!
30th June 2009
Gentle and soft without being sweet, Libertine feels like a spring day. It's not what I'd usually buy, but I think this is a great daytime scent. Perfect for office wear, it's gentle and inoffensive and stays close enough to the skin not to interfere with colleagues.
24th April 2009
As a great fan of Anglomania I was anxious to try this "doppelganger" which I find totally unlike A!! Where A. is robust and swoopy - exuberant to the point of exhaustion - Libertine is sprightly and almost refined. Citrusy and lightly floral (viburnum is a lovely scent) with a modern'll never mistake it for something else.
25th August 2008
Good. Elegant. Somewhat masculine. It smells of guelder-rose essence oil(Viburnum opulus). Similar to Romance by Ralph Lauren, but without the rose. Romance - roses = Libertine.
3rd July 2007
Definitely a crying shame that they stopped it because it was the only tolerable one. I love her clothes and have always been let down by her fragrances-will always regret not buying it but have a bottle of shower gel I have stopped using so I will always have the scent. It's like a citrus in an alternative, funky-Brit universe. Mood-boosting and very sexy it's summery with a strange silky spike of sexy aldehyde in the middle. They blantantly brought out Anglomania to try and placate Libertine lovers, but it's like your spouse or child coming home one day with permanently different coloured eyes.
27th February 2007
Dear God, "Libertine" is such a tresure for me. It's almost impossible to get it now, but I am trying hard and I grab every bottle possible - just to be sure I have my "L" always "in stock".It's such a pretty chypre-fruity fragrance, not offensive in any way, not "in your face", never agressive or boring...just moss, patchouli, yellow fruits melting on your neck. Delicious, heavenly and totally out of this world. Few days ago some guy was standing behind my back, in a library and it was all abot this "mhmmmmhmmm..." sound filling his nose ang lungs. Yes, Libertine is an intoxicating, golden beauty!
20th February 2007