Liaisons Dangereuses, typical me 
By Kilian (2007)

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About Liaisons Dangereuses, typical me by By Kilian

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Reviews of Liaisons Dangereuses, typical me by By Kilian

There are 33 reviews of Liaisons Dangereuses, typical me by By Kilian.

Beautiful fruity floral, albeit a bit too feminine for my taste.
Oct 27, 2019

Opens with red fruit and rose, quite jammy. This is delightful, but the texture soon dries out and becomes a little sour. Remains fruity - theres something juicy and not-quite citrus (reminds me of rambutan), as well as an over-bearing note of peach, although it's rather a dried-up specimen. The cinnamon comes through as spiky to my nose - it's woody, rather than creamy.

As a feminine frag, it would have worked much better if a creamier base had been used, but the drydown really plays to a masculine market. As it stands, both the opening and the drydown are pleasant enough, but together, they seem mismatched and the transition is somewhat jarring as a result.
Sep 16, 2017

Without looking at the notes, I would guess peaches and plums. But geranium and cinnamon? Possibly a hint of geranium, but no cinnamon at all. This is a sugary floral, rich with ripe summer fruit mixed with a hint of a sweet, velvety rose.
Normally I can't stand fruity florals, but Kilian is making me reconsider. This smells absolutely lovely and is perfect for summer, either for daytime wear or on a date. I can't help but associate fruity florals with younger girls though, and I feel that this may be a little too immature for me, and I probably wouldn't wear it to work. To me, it's a very feminine scent, and though unisex, I can't imagine it on a man. Then again, I've never smelled a fruity floral on a man before, and maybe it just needs the right person to carry it off.
I would buy this and wear it if it costs $60 or less, but I don't think it's worth the price.
Aug 9, 2017

Excuse my French, it's pretty frightful, but I think it's pronounced "Liaisons Peachshampoo". I say this because 1) It's not dangerous, at all, and 2) It smells like, you guessed it, peach shampoo.

Not a bad fragrance, just a badly named fragrance. Oh, and wildly overpriced. It's a pleasant smelling, mellow fruity floral, but it's not dangerous by any stretch of the imagination, and it's not something I'd ever pay more than $0.40/ml for.

When By Kilian hits the mark for me, they leave me thoroughly impressed, but when they swing and miss, they end up coming across as middle-of-the-road designer territory to me.

Maybe the liaison took place in a hotel with nice toiletries and this is supposed to smell like the post-coital "wash off the shame and evidence" shower? Too complicated of a backstory, even if it's my own.

A delicate watery rose in the drydown provides a tad a of saving grace, but after trying 4 times over the course of a year, I keep coming to the same conclusion.
Aug 26, 2016

Under-whelming dry peach!

Despite its many ingredients, all I can detect is a dry peach, initially mixed with a dry iris note, momentarily reminiscent of the classic Iris Gris. However, this combo is fleeting, and all I am left with is a dry peach scent, similar to a peach pit which has dried in the sun, but to which bits of the flesh still cling.

My husband is reminded of the rind of cumquats.

Odd that I get none of the four other fruit notes, nor the rose that so many reviewers, including Turin, spotlight. Ditto the geranium and cinnamon, nada.

Pleasant enough but hardly remarkable. Like all the other scents By Kilian produces, it is to my nose a one note scent.
Feb 17, 2016

this opens with a very dominant peachy smell along with some pleasant florals in the background

the projection is minimal and longevity was average

where this really shines for me is the dry down unlike the opening which is very sensual and feminine the dry down was where i can see it appealing more to the masculine side

the dry down had this beautiful authentic rose scent that i was only fortunate enough to catch sparingly what mainly stuck around was a musky scent that even tho it didn't project to my standards it still was nice enough to please you and anyone who was lucky enough to be in close proximity

all and all this scent will appeal more to those who like to keep things low key and personal

this is perfect for a intimate and erotic encounter with someone you fancy

on to the next
Jan 22, 2016

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