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L'Humaniste by Frapin

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L'Humaniste is a shared scent launched in 2009 by Frapin

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Reviews of L'Humaniste by Frapin

There are 34 reviews of L'Humaniste by Frapin.

A gentle, herbal, slightly boozy barbershop scent from Frapin that is quite compelling. L'Humaniste has a few more support notes, but it's mostly a juniper berry, thyme and gin fragrance to my nose. I really like this style of scent as it is modern, yet drawing from a classic style. Oak moss is detectible, but not dominating in any way. It's very wearable and with the citrus touch makes for a nice warm weather scent. Unfortunately sillage is weak, so after the first thirty minutes it's mostly a personal fragrance with about 4 hours of longevity on me. I'd wear through a bottle of this pretty quickly.

Mmm...excellent, polished barbershop fragrance smells like a much nicer version of Platinum Egoiste. Very smooth and polished. Caused me to keep smelling my wrist while driving which isn't something I usually do while on the freeway, but L'Humaniste invoked a comforting fume that was quite enjoyable. The longevity as mentioned isn't great, but this is one that would wear well in a white shirt and tie event where you don't want to project a great deal anyway. Very fresh, very wearable fragrance that I'll be getting a bottle of in time. Nice job by Frapin on this one.

Frapin L'Humaniste (2009) is an interesting fragrance from an interesting house. Frapin shares some common threads with By Killian (or just Killian now), in that it's a perfume house born from a generations-old distiller of spirits. In this case, I'm referring to Frapin the cognac brand, which is owned by the closest thing to royalty left in France, the 20th generation Genevieve Frapin and her husband Max Cointreau (yes, that Cointreau). Their daughter, Beatrice Cointreau, had an interest in perfume and much like Killian's origin story, off she went. L'Humaniste is from the sescond line released in 2009, the first 2007 series containing mostly conventional exercises in French perfumery. With L'Humaniste, things get a bit more avant-garde in style, with some strange note combinations that create a perfume not easily described nor categorized. Sadly, this means you either love or hate L'Humaniste upon smelling it, but niche is as niche does, I suppose. Also, it's inconsequential to the scent, but the bottles and caps just feel very substantial but elegant to me, which says a lot versus the usual extremes of minimalism or outright tackiness you find in this segment of the market.

The overall feeling for me is cold gin, unprocessed tobacco leaf, and some white florals mixed in for fanciness. The fuss starts with juniper berries, cardamom, lemon and bergamot, merging with a softened pink pepper note for some body. The gin link is clear at this stage, and soon moves into a floral heart of peony and a light iris. Nutmeg and thyme exist here to add a certain herbal opacity and dustiness to contrast the sweetness of the peony flower, but all dissipates in a fluffball once the tobacco, tonka bean, white musk, and oakmoss. If you ever wondered what Versace the Dreamer (1996) smelled like with a bit Eau de Cade by L'Occitane (2014) spilled in it, here you go. That's a bit of an oversimplification, but it gets your head where it needs to be in order to understand this until you can test it yourself. Wear time is decent at 8 hours, but projection is light, combined with moderate sillage to make this feel better in hotter weather than cold despite the tobacco theme. I'd call this casual male-leaning too, but any gender could also pull it off in a pinch for formal wear because it is rather balanced on the dryness/sweetness/floral front. Bottom line is L'Humaniste will offend nobody.

Tobacco fans tired of the heavy thick syrupy "tonkabacco' (where tonka is overdosed to create a sweetened pipe tobacco effect) will rejoice upon discovery of L'Humaniste, which definitely sits closer to the lighter late 90's through late 2000's style of tobacco fragrances like Gucci Envy (1998), Baldessarini by Baldessarini (2002), Vera Wang for Men (2004), before L'Occitane Eau des Baux (2006) and Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille (2007) shifted the paradigm. Sidonie Lancesseur has done things for By Killian as well (surprise surprise), so this perfumer knows their way around niche craft. Price-wise, most Frapin scents fall into the middle-tier of niche (that $175-$225 range), but you won't find the house stocked at many higher-end department stores that carry niche brands, so off to a boutique it is for you unless you are okay with getting decants online. Luckily, this line also tends to see discounts online too, making it a bit easier to explore for the cash-strapped niche-curious. Pretty unique and worth investigating, I have not really encountered another tobacco scent like this one, Frapin L'Humaniste is full of delightful surprise! Thumbs Up.

For a brief moment - while it's in the strike zone - the Humaniste is a fine mix of crystal and liquid, like when you crack a throat lozenge and the syrup pours out.
For the rest of the time it's skinny aromatic gin and faded flowers, a high street formula promoted to niche.

One of my favorites summer scents; this smeels so freakin' good, but performance on my skin is pretty bad, so i find myself spraying this several times a day; I enjoy this more than i enjoy Xerjoff's Nio, with whom people, for some reason have drawn comparisons; a pitty really that all Frapins have below average performance cause the scents they produce are so insanely good.

A long-time favorite of mine, it's good to see L'Humaniste with all the positive reviews here. I love rooting for fragrances that manage to do two things equally well--smell completely unique and smell really good. L'Humaniste, with its accurate and cold gin and tonic opening and creamy juniper-and-cardamom citrus notes in the heart is a pleasure to wear, and it really doesn't smell like anything else that's out there. However, references to Chanel's Allure Homme Edition Blanche are valid, as it does take on a creamy citrus quality similar to AHEB, especially as it dries down. Still, L'Humaniste is probably the more interesting of the two, as it has greater complexity than the Chanel, a lot of which is attributable to the spicy aromatics that compose its heart.

L'Humaniste is a great casual scent, but it also works when you want to get a little dressed up too, as the gin and tonic opening and spicy citrus notes have enough pizazz to present something that generally feels more special than ordinary. The most common complaint I've heard about L'Humaniste concerns its projection and longevity, but honestly, I have never had any issues in this area. I get 8 hours plus every time and it always projects very well, creating a scent cloud that radiates a good two or three feet out there. I'd take performance complaints with a grain of salt. If you're someone who demands insane projection and a fragrance that sticks to your skin four showers and a bubble bath later, then yes--you might find it has performance issues. But if you're not of the nuclear powerhouse ilk and you just require that a fragrance gets out there a little bit so that it's noticeable in close proximity and holds on long enough to get you through your day, then you'll surely be happy with L'Humaniste. I've tried almost every Frapin that's available and L'Humaniste is still my favorite by a wide margin (and I like a lot of their offerings). I'd like to recommend it as a blind buy, but due to its price I can't. Instead, it's highly recommended for sampling. Final rating: 9/10

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