L'Homme Sport fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Aldehydes, Bergamot, Verbena
  • Heart

    • Elemi, Cardamom
  • Base

    • Amber, Cedarwood

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Latest Reviews of L'Homme Sport

A little pricey for what it is, but still a pretty nice scent. Clean, fresh, not overpowering. I've gotten a few compliments on it. No, it's not going to stand out in a crowd, but for everyday, that works for me.
25th May 2018
Citrusy, ginger opening. Plenty of original L'Homme DNA (pleasant, spicy ginger) just with more refreshing citrus. Where the original L'Homme is soft, inviting and almost feminine, Sport has an aggressive edge and bite with its added spice and citrus which gives it energy. It's still a sexy scent and very clean with enough sweetness to remain mass appealing.

All praise aside, it does not have the performance to match. Projection is good for the first couple hours but the whole scent seems to last 4-6 hours.
12th March 2018

Such hate for such wonderful jus. Like L'Homme, LHS takes time.

First sniff fools you to thinking this is a gneric nothing jus. A melange of 'cheap' sweet lemony drugstore fare.

Then after a few wears (and many many compliments) it stuck.

How weather must-have and the ladies wont leave me alone when I wear this. Don't judge by first sniff on this one.
30th December 2017
Completely uninspiring and bland. This would fit in the bargain bin of your local Chemist among all the other "exactly the same" fragrances.
28th September 2016
Lemonade and rubbing alcohol......Why did YSL even bother? It's synthetic, lacks any character, no longevity, doesn't project and utterly boring.
23rd March 2015
Top notes include soap and lemon pledge. From there the house cleaner scent faded it evolved into a pretty generic fresh scent. It reminded me of CK Eternity with less duration. It's not a bad scent, but for me it lacked any depth or unique character.
19th January 2015
Fresh and generic. Citrus notes mixed with a house cleaner. Still gave it a neutral because some cleaners smell pretty good. I guess YSL is trying to appeal to the younger crowd with these flankers. Bubblegum/cleaner fragrances come a dime a dozen. 5/10
9th January 2015
One part YSL L'Homme mixed with one part lemon pledge. I couldn't wait to wash this off.
26th August 2014
Generic and uninteresting

Another disgrace, after EDP version of course. Why? Why this? But not just this, but yet another flanker. Sport? Ahm, yeah, sure, sport it is. For this house, I find it to be characterless and bland. If it was a creation by, for instance, Bruno Banani or even maybe a CK Free flanker, then I'd say it's an improvement for those houses. This way it is just yet another in the sea of many in the market, as if there's not enough flankers of it already, as if the market is not saturated by other similar fragrances (Burberry Sport, Dior Homme Sport etc.), as if EDP version was not enough of disgrace.

Pros: projection, longevity
Cons: everything else about it
28th April 2014
The new Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) L'Homme is really good... The more times you wear it, the more you like it..!!

While I have a few of the YSL fragrances, I have had mixed feelings about those and unclear where they fell in my top fragrances. The new Sport could be changing that point of view. I have worn this fragrance twice since purchasing. The first time - nothing heavy duty or noted nothing new or extraordinary. The fragrance is a simple blend of amber, citrus, and woodsy notes that unites in a fragrance that smells great and very easy on the nose... Simple..?? Not so fast - The second time I wore this fragrance (today), I noticed how much I liked the dry down. Sport is growing on me.

I am somewhat disappointed with the longevity and/or projection/sillage. Given my body chemistry, I found that Sport lasts about 4 hours, but settles shortly after the initial application to skin level. It will last somewhat longer on clothing. The "jury is still out" on the "Wow Factor" (compliments from the opposite sex) - no comments thus far, but during the dry down, it is possible. The bottle and packaging are first class - I am trying to determine why the spray hose is "red" - if anyone knows (and it may be obvious...), drop me a note.. Considering the simplicity of the fragrance, I would pitch there is great flexibility and/or versatility - Sport can be worn to any event, day or night. You will get noticed..!! I will add that with the citrus notes, it may be best suited for Spring/Summer wear.

Pricing or value of Sport is decent - I purchased this fragrance at a department store for a moderate/medium price range. Not too shabby..!!

My final evaluation for Sport is 4.2 stars out of 5. YSL has had a long history of successful fragrances. Sport has the potential if it gets an opportunity in the market saturated with many options. If you are a collector, add to your collection. If you are a novice collector like me, sample first to see if you like it. Again - this market is filled with great fragrances. Settle for the one (or more) that is best suited for you.

Daily I.M. - Time... Are you investing your Time, or are you wasting your Time..?? Make it count...
16th April 2014
Just received my bottle of this and it's a resounding and undeniable meh. It starts out kinda bright and strong as a result of the amped up citrus, but then dries down to a standard L'Homme within a very brief period of time. My biggest issue with this scent thus far is the lack of projection and longevity. I've had it on my hand for an hour or so and it's basically weakened to a skin scent with only the L'Homme base remaining. I see the sport aspect, but it fades very quickly and turns into plain, old L'Homme. If I were gunning for a L'Homme flanker for summer it'd have to be Gingembre or Libre Tonic. Both are nice and citrusy and just different enough from standard L'Homme to keep me interested, plus I'm a total sucker for the ginger in the former. I fear I may be putting this guy up for sale here in the very near future.

I guess the upside is that you can safely blind buy this, but why? May as well just buy the original.
4th April 2014