L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum 
Guerlain (2016)

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Reviews of L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

There are 26 reviews of L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum by Guerlain.

If you like perfumes like Herod etc, Guerlain's L'homme line might be Ideal for you. Performance is good for the price. I picked up the EDP version. I purchased a gift set that included a 3.4, shower gel, and a 75 ml travel spray for just over $50.
Sep 9, 2021

This is an understated yet elegant fragrance. It opens with cherry, bergamot and nutty notes and then settles with a nice vanilla and almond scent. During the dry down I detect some floral notes. Overall a very pleasant fragrance that would be a good signature scent and something that seems fairly versatile. It doesn't have strong projection and remains close to the skin although it lasts most of the day. To me this is not overly masculine and may pass as a unisex fragrance. I think it is a good fragrance, sophisticated, gourmand and subtle. Not at all overpowering or bold, but has a certain quiet confidence about it. I enjoy it but I do wish the projection was a bit better. I think it is most suitable for men over 25 and is good for most occasions.
Aug 5, 2021

I really love the Guerlain brand, and the Ideal line is a very consistent range of solid scents that have good performance and gather compliments easily. 'L'Homme Ideal' EDP is one of my favorites, and for good reasons. The initial blast is a sweet, seductive vanilla and almond accord with a hint of what seems to be cherry or raspberry. Its very sensual, deep, high quality stuff that cuts through the air and hits the nose effortlessly.

The middle of the scent becomes a bit musky and darker, as the leather makes its presence known and really takes this one off the charts. This isn't a dirty, dark leather. Its a sensual, clean, high quality leather note that is very appealing to the ladies. The base is all vanilla and leather, with a hint of cherry lingering around. Its quite lovely.

With eight sprays (neck, shoulders, forearms, chest), I get about 8-10+ hours of longevity, with constant projection for about the first four hours or so. Properly applied, this will linger and leave a scent trail around you. On clothes, this lasts for days. You will catch whiffs of this throughout the day. Projection was a little above moderate but sillage is a bit heavy. Its a thick, dense fragrance that becomes you. I smelled it easily on my forearm for nearly nine hours.

This is a serious fragrance for a mature, well spoken and classy gentleman. You won't find many fragrances that smell like this, and if you like Montblanc 'Individuel' or Joop! Homme, you will likely love this. They are quite similar, except this adds a beautiful almond note matched to leather, and its absolutely gorgeous. Highly recommended.
Sep 24, 2020

This has quickly become a new favorite. Wow, this is a good one. Overall I'd summarize this as a sweet men's cologne following the recent trend of sweet men's gourmands, but this is the best execution of it that I've smelled. It's flawlessly balanced and refined and unlike the others in this vein, it is never screechy or "too much". This perfume is dangerously addictive and I cannot get enough.

It opens up with that famous cherry almond accord similar to the EDT which, while slightly fruity, has a dryness to it that renders it unisex. I get effectively no citrus, but I do get a gentle whiff of what they call "spices" on the pyramid tree. I would call it a subtle black pepper which is a fleeting top note. The almond note has been rebalanced just a little from the EDT and what we get here is a little more subtle but not much.

The cherry almond lingers into the middle which is a fascinating part of the fragrance in my opinion. This is where the magic is. Getting the obvious out of the way, there's a hint of Dior Homme Intense, but that's not the comparison that really keeps my interest. What I love is the fact that Guerlain l'Homme Ideal Perfume has a sister perfume: Shalimar Perfume Initial, recently rebranded as l'Initial. There is a heavy dose of Initial's middle notes in this fragrance. And you know which fragrance Shalimar Initial is often compared to? Dior Homme Intense! However I myself see the Guerlain offerings as very unique fragrances that only have a passing similarity to Dior. Further driving interest and masculinity in this middle part is the beautiful incense note which is gently smoky but refined. I would say the incense note was lifted directly from one of Wasser's best fragrances, Tonka Imperiale, but maybe tilted just slightly more smoky here.

Did you get all of that? The middle is Shalimar Perfume Initial mixed with cherry almond and incense and it is incredible.

The middle fades to a whisper far too quickly in my opinion but the drydown is still really nice and lasts a while, even if it's more gentle than I'd like. It's a soft and very sweet tonka "sandalwood" and it doesn't have much to say after the brilliant middle notes. That's ok with me, the middle speaks for itself.

This is a huge departure from the original l'Homme Ideal EDT but it makes sense to have them in the same family. Gone is the screeching cheap woody/leather note that almost derailed what was otherwise a very good fragrance in the original EDT, but gone too is the late drydown which I really enjoyed. It's a fair trade off in my opinion. This perfume version is one of the best Wasser works I've ever smelled and is absolutely worthy of the Guerlain name.
May 10, 2020

This is an example of why I don't like gourmand colognes.
No thinks, I'll pass. (but I admit, I'm tempted to try Ideal L'intense)
May 3, 2020

One of the few positives of the CV-19 outbreak is that I can wear and try what I want, and only run the risk of disturbing my nearest and dearest. Hence the second wave of trialling a whole range of samples.

This one leaves me hovering over the thumbs up and neutral categories. I think it just about deserves the former. It's by no means perfect, though. For a start, anything that might stiffen the mix is absent. Any hint of sandalwood is missing or drowned by the more gourmand notes. Leather? laughably absent.

For all that, given a concoction based on rose, vanilla, tonka, and almond, it does somehow work as a masculine. The rose note fades nicely and is well done.

And what might you say to someone wearing this as a conscious choice after testing? That they have at least a rudimentary idea of the high street offering and that they aren't averse to taking minor risks.

I feel as though I am talking to someone who has passed their driving test and taking the opportunity of overall success to talk about the many points for improvement. Go on, you've earned it. Just.
Mar 22, 2020

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