L'Homme Cologne Gingembre fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Calabrian bergamot, ozone aquatic accords
  • Heart

    • Chinese ginger, white pepper, basil
  • Base

    • cedar, oak moss, vetiver, musk

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Latest Reviews of L'Homme Cologne Gingembre

Utterly forgettable. A mix of all the samples in a magazine that's been sitting in your dentist's waiting room since 2016. It works if you don't care what you smell like, but just want to smell like something.
7th April 2020
Not bad, but very generic aquatic type fragrance. Smelled many times before. Smells a lot like David Beckham Signature.
11th May 2017

I like it, especially after first applying, but it is very similar to regular L'Homme after the opening 10 minutes. If you already have L'Homme, I'd say you should pass. Otherwise, it is a really nice, everyday office scent. I don't think anyone could say this was overly strong or offensive.
16th February 2016
On days 17-year-old me would have likely worn Acqua di Gio, 37-year-old me will likely (occasionally) turn to this one. Until I find a better version (my Five O'Clock sample is on its way). Light, easy, and still vaguely interesting. I enjoy wearing it, but I suffer from the same longevity issues as everyone else--it's doing well on days it lasts more than an hour.
31st December 2015
Ozone in a bottleWow, this smells a lot like air filled with charged particles just before the thunderstorm. Pure ozone I guess and there was not much else I could get out of it. Longevity is a pretty standard issue with this one and I dont have much to add to that. Three strars just out of sympathy for the poor thing :)
12th September 2013
Ginger without much meritThe opening blast of bergamot and ginger is a standard impression, but the drydown is even duller. There is a bit is white musk shining through, but maybe the producer should take some lessons from Esteé Lauder and Tom Ford in that matter. The opening is nice and warm, the rest just very unexciting.Pros: Cons:
16th June 2013
initial blast is quite nice but quickly becomes a Cologne i've smelled plenty of times before. nothing to say about it, forgettable and boring.
24th July 2012
The opening is pleasant and fresh as expected, with a bracingly spicy ginger, but this is a blindfold for the ugly truth that Cologne Gingembre is yet another watery basil aquatic like who knows how many others. Read the pyramid of notes above; mentally underline ginger, white pepper, basil, and ozone, and change 'musk' to 'sweet-for-no-reason white musk.' That is exactly what you get here. This is the olfactory equivalent of the one nice suit a teenager who buys his wardrobe at Abercrombie & Fitch breaks out for necessary formalities.

I like it, but this is old, trampled ground by now and I think for the price tag it should last longer than a couple of hours.
4th June 2012