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L'Occitane (2016)

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L'Homme Cologne Cedrat by L'Occitane

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L'Homme Cologne Cedrat is a men's fragrance launched in 2016 by L'Occitane

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Reviews of L'Homme Cologne Cedrat by L'Occitane

There are 4 reviews of L'Homme Cologne Cedrat by L'Occitane.

Smells to me like a poor cousin of Allure Homme Sport Blanche - similar in concept (and bottle!) but less well balanced. The citrus here evaporates after a couple of minutes and leaves just a pencil shavings base that's pretty uninspiring and linear. It's a shame as the old cedrat used to be much but this one has lost its way a bit - there are alternatives out there

The opening is a blast of the peel of Cedrat lemons, with an equally strong mint notes sharing the olfactory limelight in the first moments. Not as shadowlessly sunny as it's colleague Eau de Cedrat from the same house, which is confirmed by the further development of this creation.

The first notes to arrive in the drydown are a fairly bright ginger, still quite light and bright and topped up with a touch of spice. A bit later I get a fresh lavender impression, which is given a darker undertone by sone violet leaf and Avery restrainedly peppery undertone.

The base is characterised by an ambery wood note; rather a small bit of cedar and lots of unspecific woodsiness; all this is bathed in lots of white musks.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

A fresh summer Cologne that is not based purely on a citrus explosion at the start but a bit more nuanced. After the opening the rest is more of an afterthought, as one finds it in most Colognes. Overall 3/5.

Nice!Fresh, minty, lightly floral, lightly peppered, and one I will purchase in the near future. Initial spray gave me the impression that a lot was going on. This lasted for about 20 minutes. After that, I knew it was a future purchase.

Hm. A case of L'Occitane chasing the trends, in my book. LHCC opens with a picture-perfect bitter-sour cedrat note, as does its eponymous EDT stablemate. It follows this with the du jure accords of violet, ginger, pepper, and amber, creating a very flat and almost physically cloying structure. It's almost like I'm in groundhog day, wearing YSL l'Homme once again, except with better top notes.

I'm getting very tired of trying this kind of scent and hoped for something better from L'Occitane. Nothing wrong with the quality of the ingredients, and one can forgive the short longevity, and below average sillage for a cologne-strength scent. But in my book, a true cologne leaves a lot more space for notes to ring out. The later stages here are rather a "splat". And I'm worried to see a few redolent reviews of the Cedrat EDT - I must revisit as I remember that being a darn sight better than this.

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