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Tania Sanchez tells us this is made up of coumarin and heliotropin and most reminds her of Shalimar Light. I agree.

It is a very nice oriental, simple and direct, with its amber and vanilla effect supporting the notes identified. It wears close to the skin in an aura of soft powdery scent and is quite nice. I have not experienced any other fragrances from this house, but from this first exposure I would give thumbs up to the fragrance and its price tag.

I don't get the citrus opening at all and the notes of freesia, rose, jasmine and patchouli which other Basenoters identify do not reach my nose. There is a menthol-like coolness that runs along in the background, giving contrast to the amber and vanilla base.

All in all, a very nice and very affordable modern oriental based on one of the greats of the past.
14th March 2016
I believe LIR is an amazing perfume, it is so recognizable fresh and oriental at the same time. I have recently acquired Boudoir but I was happily surprised with Let It Rock. I could smell it all over the house. The patchouli is so aromatic and so well blended with the green notes. I would definitely recommend it without any hesitation and I am sure that in a while it will be honored as much as Boudoir. Thanks a lot Mrs Westwood for the excellent job.
20th July 2014

hmmm...To me its a smell of opened canned pineapples. And jar was really RUSTY. And - patchoili. And pineapples again. and rust.. ohh no
14th May 2014
Basically Burberry Gold light! A very well made fragrance from Coty. Feels and smells very unisex. At first spray there is a burst of fleeting citrus that in a minute or so gives way to the amber/vanillic/spicy(not overly so) base. This appears, so far, to basically hover around you like a little cuddly lightweight cashmere blanket. In saying this I do not mean to suggest this this is an overwhelming scent, not at all, but it does have an enveloping nature to it. If you like(d) Burberry Gold you are sure to like this. Very similar drydown but a little lighter. Lightly applied this could work in summer but I feel it would fit best on cooler days. Summer evening type of scent to make you feel you have a light 'glow' of the scent. Very well done for a mainstream scent as it's far from the usual 'fresh/fruity/floral' that tends to saturate the designer market. May not be for all but I'd say get it while you can. I got a few 50ml EDP(biggest size in this line)reduced to £14:95! 8/10 :)Pros: Lasting, potent but not over the top and nicely packagedCons: Has a synthetic amber/vanilla note that not all will appreciate"
11th July 2013
I like it! I don't know whether I like everything with Bergamot/Jasmin/Patchouli in it, but these three seem to make me comfortable. (There was a time when Earl Grey, cheap incense and Patchouli oil were a part of my life...)

I got it cheaply on the internet, too, and I'll try to get more. I don't like Boudoir very much and I hate to be close to people wearing it, but this one is really quite fresh and has the social skills Boudoir lacks.
13th February 2013
Bought it cheap on the internet. I know why now...It's going to be un uphill struggle to fall in love with it let alone wear it. I might have to pass it on to somebody ready for the fight.
Because I don't want to end up with a French/Irish/Greek/American style budget deficit, I tend to be careful and read reviews before buying. But what do I get for my troubles?
A blend of liquorice All Sorts and sweaty armpits! Alors la, non merci!!!
30th June 2011
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