Latest Reviews of Les Plus Belles Lavandes de Caron

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A nice textbook lavender/tonka fougere with hints of violet leaf in the heart plus vanilla and civet melting into the tonka. There's a bit of benzoin deep in the base, which combines with the vanilla, civet, and tobacco-ish tonka to form a musky amber that stands up to the grit of the lingering lavender.

This is clearly intended as a "clean" version of Pour Un Homme, though it still has just enough funk to maintain its French credibility. Nice work.
13th January 2020
This is a hard one to get in North America. I have never managed to find someone here who stocks it, but a friend brought me back a sample from visiting the Paris boutique on rue Montaigne.

It's a plain lavender, straight and not shaken. There might be a few things to support the smell, but I can't discern them.

Basically, this is what everybody who hates Pour un Homme because of the vanilla should wear.

It's a beautiful lavender, delicate and aromatic, and masculine enough, even though Caron officially markets it as a ladies' cologne.
18th February 2011