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Les Notes Gourmandes : Dragée 
Réminiscence (2012)

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Reviews of Les Notes Gourmandes : Dragée by Réminiscence

There's a touch of Chanel's Eau Vive in this to begin with then it rounds out to a toffee gourmand that flits in and out of being detectable for a full 24 hours. There is no saffron, apparently it's cardamom, so I'm calling it a Troublant; it wears soft and snuggly.
The neroli is very well done. Nothing to dislike, a good performer.
Feb 2, 2021

A symphony for the senses.anytime you want to dab on a dose of sheer joy this would be appreciate.familiar and comforting.sweet almond,caramel and vanilla powder well rounded,no edges,nothing to dislike about this one.it is dreamy and achieves to be all at once very modern with a classic vibe.not dirty sexy difference between lovemaking and sex.it almost smells like white chocolate.Creamy,Sweetly Addictive, Softly Feminine,Elegantly Romantic.

The opening is a lush beautiful orange blossom scent. a couple of hours later a light plum vanilla almond confection of a dry down providing a enchanting touch to this romantic perfume.this scent is like you were walking under a wedding bower.it is more of a comforting scent reminds me of cashmere. sweet enough to satisfy the gourmand and confectionery lovers but not so sweet as to turn off non-gourmand fans.you can wear it anywhere,whether to office, romantic walk, wedding day.anyway if you love or even like almonds you will enjoy this one.


Longevity?Satisfactory on my skin.

Aug 2, 2016

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