Les Notes de Lanvin : Vetyver Blanc fragrance notes

    • bergamot, sandalwood, vetiver, freesia

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Latest Reviews of Les Notes de Lanvin : Vetyver Blanc

The name Vetyver Blanc may point to pale woody minimalism, but the juice is a bit more adventurous than that.
A pale, sweet powdery gourmand and dark sour woods; is this fluffy, sweet and sour profile really minimalist in the classic sense?
It's pale, yes, but not hard and and flat like a minimal cedarwood, it's more like Soft Minimalism, which - because it plays down the bachelor pad feel - is nicer and easier to wear.

Vetyver Blanc is based on a good idea, but - like the other two in the Notes de Lanvin trilogy - it doesn't feel quite finished, and only gets a good neutral.
14th February 2020
Beautiful dry woods summer scent.
Light, but still elegant and smells natural.
14th June 2015

Totally agree with rbaker on this one. Its light, clean, not overly synthetic and would be great for a summers day.

Too many of such attempts smell really cheap and synthetic - but not this one. Its fresh and clean - and perhaps simple - And can be found at TJ Maxx etc for $13 1.7 oz bottle !!
4th April 2014
This vetiver is indeed "white" on my skin in the sense that is is bright, light and airy. The vetiver is elegant without any earthiness or root note, but also restrained and blended with bergamot and floral notes. In summary: a light summery vetiver with limited silage and projection, and three hours of longevity.
22nd January 2014