Les Nombres d'Or : Musc 
Mona di Orio (2010)

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Les Nombres d'Or : Musc by Mona di Orio

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Les Nombres d'Or : Musc is a shared scent launched in 2010 by Mona di Orio

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Reviews of Les Nombres d'Or : Musc by Mona di Orio

There are 10 reviews of Les Nombres d'Or : Musc by Mona di Orio.

Opens as a very soft, powdery, slightly musty heliotrope, with tonka & white musk. l find this distinctly underwhelming, & l'm thinking it's one of those "non-perfumes", for folks who like skin scents that won't offend anyone. Those who love baby powder might find it comforting, & it could make a good linen spray, were it not so pricey! After ten minutes or so, the tonka intensifies, & three hours in it's much sweeter, but otherwise it doesn't change much, & seven hours in it's fading out.

Far from being musk, this is more reminiscent of loukhoum scents like Keiko Mecheri's, or like a de-fanged Sweet Oriental Dream by Montale, with much less rose.

A lipstick, powdery floral musk. Somewhat monochromatic but, in a good way. The heliotrope really shines in this one. After it settles on my skin I get some musk, neroli, Tonka bean, and a touch of rose. It's sultry, timeless, and enchanting.

A billowing, cushioning musk, all powder, soap and heliotrope, this is perfumed fog. While I get gentle spice tones and even hints of sandal, Musc is mainly about that formless, clean, flower-infused musk. How much you like it will depend on how much you can appreciate that diffusive quality. Some will find it sumptuous and enveloping, even symphonic; me I miss a bit of bite and would have liked a bit more definition.
Having said that, I appreciate how this composition rolls out, persuasively filling out the space around the wearer with its gentle but quite insistent presence. The musks used seem to be quite layered and have depth, even if lacking definition, and the tonka in the base adds a nice dry vanillic touch. As a rose lover I don't get the prominent rose some others seem to get from this and the neroli is pretty much absent, it's the pale mauve of the heliotrope that rules. But even that departs in the deep drydown when all that is left is a sweetish drugstore musk with a vaguely floral aspect.
Probably the kind of perfume I would wear when I might want it as background mood music rather than for active interaction – which is to say hardly ever.

Beautiful, loud heliotrope opening....I fell in love. Then rose and I guess Neroli, something floral. I found it extremely feminine and very, very pretty. Then, about forty minutes later a weird (but good) masculine smell, very colognish and bright. Then....nothing. completely and totally gone. I didn't smell any musk, or didn't recognize it as such if I did.
So a thumbs up for a great forty minutes. Would I ever, even if I won the lottery, pay what they're asking for this? Absolutely not.

A different take on musc. Powdery and slightly soapy this rose and neroli musc is not bad at all. The florals blend in nicely with the musc in this one. I think I would get tired of this after a while. Unisex also.

Genre: Oriental

I have a confession to make: I've only worn this once. While seasoned Basenoters have expressed distaste for sister scent Les Nombres d'Or – Cuir in their reviews, I was merely on the fence about that one. Musc is the ugly stepsister to my nose, and after one excruciating wearing, I've resorted to samples on cloth for further testing.

If after that wind-up you're expecting a “skanky,” animalic musk, you'd be wrong. As a fan of Muscs Kublaï Khän, the civet-laden Ungaro II, and Kouros, that's something I might have enjoyed. Mona di Orio's Musc is a dense, opaque floral musk so cloying and oppressive I fear prolonged inhalation will asphyxiate me. It's loud, crude, and chemical, with no discernable form to its gelatinous olfactory mass. If I had to break the composition down I'd describe it as a very heavy rose, sickeningly sweet powder, an intense “laundry detergent” synthetic musk, and a potent “hairspray” note. Every single component manages to smell like an industrial chemical; in combination, they're intolerable.

Words fail me as I attempt further description, so I'll only add that Les Nombres d'Or – Musc well exemplifies a liability of niche perfumery: whereas niche perfumers can operate without the stultifying burden of focus groups and marketing teams, they often lack the advantage of a designer brand's art direction to weed out the real stinkers. Mainstream art direction may keep things bland, but it also keeps Donna Karan, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dior from releasing miscarriages like Les Nombres d'Or – Musc.

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