Les Nombres d'Or : Ambre 
Mona di Orio (2010)

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Les Nombres d'Or : Ambre by Mona di Orio

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Les Nombres d'Or : Ambre is a shared scent launched in 2010 by Mona di Orio

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Reviews of Les Nombres d'Or : Ambre by Mona di Orio

There are 12 reviews of Les Nombres d'Or : Ambre by Mona di Orio.

Cedar chest accord. Dirty ylang ylang. Screeching, boisterous benzoin and Tolu balsam. Vanilla for comfort and accents. Ambre is an appropriate name for this one. I find it rather linear. I find it rather yummy. I get way more balsam the longer it stays. What surprises me is how the ylang ylang seems to hang around the whole time, too. There is a tinge of sourness to compliment the balsamic tones.

Mona di Orio Ambre is a nice amber based fragrance but unfortunately the quality does not match the standards of the brand based on what I've tested before also from the brand!

The opening of this fragrance is a warm and sweet amber note plus very noticeable floral aura and very mellow smoky vibe completely in the background.
The floral part is easily detectable and it has a soft powdery feeling. they've listed only Ylang-Ylang but I believe there is also some rose beside it. (not too much)
The sweetness is warm and cozy and it has honey like feel into it.

After about 10 minutes that faint smoky aura disappears and scent gets more floral and more powdery that mutes the sweetness a little bit.
In this level you may think that no, it's way too floral and feminine, so as a guy I'm not gonna wear that! but just give it a couple of minutes and scent will change very much! after around 5 minutes or so you're gonna get a sharp spicy aura that very quick goes in front and pushes other notes behind.
The mid of the fragrance is a sharp, dry and bitter spicy, maybe a little woodsy aroma that unfortunately smells synthetic along with mellow sweet amber and soft powdery floral aura in the background.
It does smell nice and more masculine than feminine but that synthetic spicy/woody feeling kind of ruins the scent. (at least for me!)

You will have this scent for a long time, maybe for 8 hours or so until the base shows up.
In the base that sharp and dry spicy aroma settles down quite it bit and now I can smell vanilla.
The base of the fragrance is a dark vanilla with kind of chocolaty feel along with soft spices and very mellow powdery floral aura in the background.
Projection is good and above average and longevity is around 9-10 hours on the skin.

A gorgeous dry amber for the woman who has them all...or wants them all.

I enjoy amber...no, I'm stalking amber. I just crave the stuff. Especially when its done so well. A bad amber gives me a migraine and lots of sadness. A good amber makes me stop and enjoy, but a great amber forces me to think and, of course, purchase! This was the latter.

This is a feminine amber, in my opinion. It is beautiful. It conveys strength without sacrificing beauty. I will soon have a bottle...

Resinous and slightly woody, this amber gem has a boozy kick in the beginning that reminds me of Ambre 114. Ambre 114 seems to be slightly sweeter though. A nice amber fragrance nonetheless. 8/10

Ambre by Mona di Orio opens with a solid, sumptuous, soapy and powdery accord of amber, slightly boozy and almondy too, perhaps due to the presence of tonka and benzoin. The family here is the "majestic" and refined amber scents à la Ambre Precieux, with more talcum, an old-fashioned touch of aldehydes, and the booziness of Ambre Russe by Parfum d'Empire. Plus - and this would not be the first time Mona di Orio does that - the almondy-powdery-waxy-aldehydes feel sounds a bit like an attempt to insert a "tribute" to the baroque classic heritage of fragrances à la L'Heure Bleue. The drydown is gentle, soft and soapy, slightly alcoholic (not boozy now, more like floor cleaning alcohol), but pleasant, graceful and elegant. In short, Mona di Orio's Ambre is a nice nostalgic scent, refined and elegantly outdated, not the most original around and probably unworthy the excessive price (come on, an amber scent shall never be that expensive).


Right from the start I get a delightful amber note with a benzoin component, rich and rounded but not too dark on my skin. A resinous balsamic note with cedar is added in the drydown without disturbing the roundedness of this composition. After about four hours of very good silage and projection it starts to fade, turning into a vanilla based but not too sweet powdery scent, which is quite fresh and contemporaneous. It comes and goes, at times seems to have disappeared just to rise again and so forth. The total longevity is a splendid twelve hours, although the last half of this time it is a powdery skin scent. A good and satisfying amber composition perfect for early autumn.

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