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The smokiness of tanned leather meets the unexpected explosion of star anise to create a unique scent. Perfume yourself with bold, brazen sensuality.

Les Exceptions : Cuir Impertinent fragrance notes

    • star anise, leather, amber, tobacco

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A wonderful leather scent with star anise, dry-ambery and a touch of tobacco, with ever so slight boozy and gourmand facets.
Smells more grown up when compared to Mugler's regular A* Men series scents; almost like an early Tom Ford Private Blend that doesn't fall apart in the base.

Linear and completely addicting. One of the best from Mugler.

26th February 2022
Smells very much like Alien Man. Or I should say Alien Man smells like Cuir Impertinent since this came out 3 years earlier. That was a big surprise as I was expecting something more harshly leather, but this is sweet (amber), subtle (hints of anise, leather, tobacco), and very pleasing as a unisex fragrance. This is nice but I feel like it's redundant to own both.

Performance is about the same as Alien Man but I get a bit more projection with Cuir Impertinent. It's never big or loud but you should have no issue smelling it during the wearing. Lasts most of the day.

5th October 2020

This is scent number three I've recently sampled in Mugler's Les Exceptions set...

Cuir Impertinent begins with an onslaught of gorgeous amber, closely resembling L'Occitane en Provence's now discontinued "Ambre / Amber" scent. Star anise is present in tasteful amounts to accent - never overtake - the amber-y goodness present here. The initial "shine" upon spray-on has the quality of a fancy aperitif drink, characteristic of a subdued, dry amaretto.

In the midst of this hypnotic sweetness emerges a slightly smoky piece of leather. Tobacco seeps in very subtly to round this beautifully rendered EdP.

Lasts a long time, and honestly, the reverie of L'Occitane's Amber scent of the early 2000's truly grabs my attention most in Cuir Impertinent. This would definitely be one of the Les Exception EdP's that I'd buy even at its boutique price.
22nd June 2018
First I smell tobacco shop (mmmmmm) mixed with leather. I smell them equally, then it pops up FRESH - it reminds me of citronella , here comes a whiff of fine Bourbon, then yummy anise. There is a subtle amber,it never overwhelms nor speaks loudly. This is heavenly. It reminds me of family parties at Christmas, the only time the men in the family seem to be allowed to smoke their pipes & cigars in the house. Fancy leather jackets when people arrive, the master bedroom with the smell of leather from everyone's coats a top each other, and that fresh smell of greenery and Christmas trees, with a bit of sugar cookies baking in the background. I have only worn this twice because I have a small sample I received when I purchased Alien from the Mugler website. I am desperate to have it but I sure do hate to spend $300, but I just may have to.
7th December 2017
A boozy, bold, rich, big bodied leather. Although very boring, and common.
13th October 2017
The vanilla seems to be the main player in CI. Cooler weather fragrance with a touch of amber and fresh Tobacco. There are plenty other leather fragrances I would purchase instead though.
18th December 2016
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