Les Absolus d'Orient Encens Mythique 
Guerlain (2019)

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Reviews of Les Absolus d'Orient Encens Mythique by Guerlain

There are 2 reviews of Les Absolus d'Orient Encens Mythique by Guerlain.

Encens Mythique surprised me in the shop – here was a retro-seeming soapy floral with the incense truly a thing of myth; it seemed to be playing peek-a-boo in the far distance. Another surprise was how fresh the aldehydic opening was considering this was supposed to be an incense-based composition. Trying it at home, the freshness whizzes past faster and the soapy-floral theme unwinds languorously; at first the impression is of a white floral before a resolution towards a kind of almond-and-vanilla custard kind of rosiness. The incense seems only present as a touch of spice rather than smokiness; you could be forgiven for thinking it was a carnation note in this floral bouquet.
So much for the deflections of this perfume. What I enjoy about it is how unabashedly out-of-fashion it is, mumsy and proud about it, with an almost gourmand density. In that latter aspect, it comes across a bit like Nahema's quieter sister.
Aug 6, 2021

I fell for it at first smell. The incense in this is “vintage floral” and soft and soapy. I usually don't like soapy but this is different. Performances are good!
Jul 31, 2021

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