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L'Erbolario Uomo by L'Erbolario

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L'Erbolario Uomo is a men's fragrance by L'Erbolario

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Reviews of L'Erbolario Uomo by L'Erbolario

There are 3 reviews of L'Erbolario Uomo by L'Erbolario.

No awards for originality but a very wearable fresh fragrance with a slight hint of male spiciness, and so much more interesting than being yet another bleu de Chanel or allure homme sport or sauvage wearer. Great for summer and really good value. This is a great brand, like an Italian version of l'occitane, very natural, very simple, very classy.

Uninspired and trite (yet competently done) sportsy masculine. If you like the genre it's absolutely at the same level with the most popular and way more expensive designer's offerings.

Pass for me.

This is one of those I less appreciate from L'Erbolario being Uomo simply a boring greens-citrus centered aquatic with a strong note of dry cedar and the usual fruity metallic chord proper of the genre. It seems that has been included in the blend the resinous copahu balm oil. I don't have a lot more to add, just that effectively this fragrance is a cheap good alternative for the lovers of a (usually) more expensive mass-marketed genre.

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