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Léonard (1980)


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Reviews of Léonard pour Homme (original) by Léonard

There are 23 reviews of Léonard pour Homme (original) by Léonard.

Leonard Pour Homme, a great leather oakmoss chypre - an aromatic overture with citrus and lavender sets the stage for a woody leather note, a resinous cistus and ambergris, the subtle warmth of castoreum and the deep resonance of oakmoss, that practically “shimmers” on the skin. It is intoxicating and I find myself savouring the effect.
Pretty sure there’s tobacco in there too - either tobacco leaf or an accord - but can’t find it listed anywhere.
An elegant leather-oakmoss that, to my mind, is in the same class and category as Hermès Bel Ami.
If you like Bel Ami, you will like this.
Oct 25, 2021

To me this fragrance comes off as very powdery in design. The heart of Leonard PH is very romantic of carnation and some leather. A good amount of castoreum flows through the powdery body of this, so expect it to be musky. There seems to be a lot of movement from the incense at times branching out between the leather and oakmoss for a "burning leaves" similarity, then to the castoreum to make it dark and more oily. There is a lavender/oakmoss/herbs/citrus combo that creates a green yet citrusy fresh soap smell. This soap design is mild though, almost as a separate layer to not interfere with the dark side of Leonard PH.

I'll gladly add to the thumbs up crowd on Leonard Pour Homme. This is a gentleman's scent that is smooth and balanced for the stronger notes it has. I think a fan of Aramis (1965) would really take to this fragrance. It's strictly a classic men's fragrances with just a dab of 80's innovation. Outdated to some...timeless to others.

Nov 5, 2020

Awesome semi-powerhouse old school leather...i mostly get a soapy leather combo...this is nicely flavored with spice/herb/flower notes...one that i notice a lot is a nice cinnamon accent...a nose feel of sharpness and dryness...dries down nice and smooth and gets a slightly animalic touch...classic...if you love leather you owe it to youself to smell this....
Mar 15, 2019

Opening is harsh like Maxim's. It takes a turn to the dry Herbal versus the slight fruit in the Maxim's.
It becomes a much more distinctive Carnation
Camphour, Cinnamon Bark, Dry Cedar melange.
Leathery and Dry, Dry, Dry. Slight powdered soapiness.
I really don't identify the Castoreum or Animalic at first, but later it offers a little growl.
Probably a little parching for most.
The overall effect is like Amouage Memoir Man for me.
Dark and Brown in comparison to the Dark and green of the Amouage.
I like it! My Girl says "Come to Bed"
Aug 7, 2016

Leonard is a shining example of masculine leathers from the mid 70's to late 80's. It smells a little like Halston's Z-14, a little like Derby and VC&A Pour Homme, a bit of Jovan Gambler Musk, and with a spot of Furyo and a hint of Burberrys for Men. It is dry yet oily, spicy but smooth, green-brown-orange, like old shag carpets, and very much a product of its time, but still smells wonderful today. You won't fool anyone into thinking you're wearing a new release with this on, but it's not overbearingly macho like many old 'powerhouses' were. I think this stuff is lovely.

Edit: In my haste I forgot to mention my favorite aspect of this scent, which is a beautifully done carnation, which (to me) is the star of this show. Don't let anyone tell you that men can't wear pink or wear floral fragrance. Colors and plant odors don't have genders. Leonard comes on strong but is really quite gentle, and is surprisingly lovely in Summer when applied sparsely and lightly.
Aug 2, 2016

Not my favorite. The incense and artemisia kills this one for me.
Too dry for my taste.
May 27, 2016

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